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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ about Selling Used Trade Show Exhibits

FAQ about Buying Used Trade Show Exhibits

FAQ about Buying Rental Trade Show Exhibits

FAQ Buying New Trade Show Exhibits

Selling Used Trade Show Exhibits

Q: How do I Sell my Exhibit?

A: We provide the ability to post your Pre-Owned exhibit using two options, Consignment or Pay to Post.

Consignment- You are able to list your ad on our site for with no up-front cost, however will be charged a 15% fee on the price once sold

Pay to Post Based upon the specifications of your exhibit, the cost may vary.

Please view our Sell Exhibit for complete listing details.

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Q: How do I know when someone is interested in my listed trade show display item(s)?

A: When a potential buyer is interested in your display, they submit a Contact Seller inquiry on our site in which you will receive a direct message from the buyer with any questions or comments. In respect for the privacy of our clients, we do not provide your contact info to the public on our site.

We also give you an option to be contacted via phone call, additional e-mail or text if you want to be immediately contacted by some at

Please Note: We highly recommend using an e-mail address that is often checked as this is the primary, default notification method when some is interested or has questions about your exhibit listing(s).

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Q: How do I view my ad listing details on

A: You are required to register online when you post your ad; this Membership function allows you to have access to your online Classified ad. Here you are able to see how many people have looked at your listing, who and how many have inquired as well as update any pictures, pricing or even remove your ad.

If you need further assistance with your posting or have questions, we are here to help. Simply Contact Us today

  • Register Here
  • How to Update your Ad
  • - Tutorial

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    Q: How much should I sell my Exhibit for?

    A: Depending on the age of your display, current condition and size of exhibit the resale value will vary. We provide an online tool, The Estimator, to help determine the resale value based on the specifications of your item.

    Use The Estimator

  • The online tool, "The Estimator, allows you to input the information regarding your exhibit to generate an Estimate of the re-sale value of your trade show display item.

  • Requesting a Custom Estimate

    Q:What if the Estimator isn't allowing me to upload all necessary features or specifications of my exhibit?

    A: We understand that some exhibits and display systems are more complex than others, which may require a custom estimate directly from our team at You can request a custom estimate by e-mailing us a

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    Q: How long will it take to Sell my Exhibit?

    A: On average, once your exhibit is listed for sale on our site, we give an average of 3 - 6 months before it is sold.

    Please Note: Some larger, more complex displays may take more time to sell as they tend to be on the higher end of the price range and the shipping/transportation service may be more substantial than that of a lighter weight exhibit.

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    Q: I don't have any pictures of my display, what do I do?

    A: We understand years can go by before you realize after inventory of the warehouse you still have your exhibit from a few shows and possibly a different marketing team ago.

    However, the desired outcome would be to find some space to set it up to take pictures as this is tremendously helpful to aid in the sell of your display items.

    Please Note: If you recently purchased the display, you may be able to attain design renderings from the original company you purchased the exhibit from.

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    Q: How do I pay for my listing once it is sold via the Consignment option?

    A: Once you have received payment confirmation from the buyer, you can pay the 15% consignment fee with any major Credit Card, IPN, Wire Transfer, or a Check.

    Please make all Checks payable to:,Inc.
    3324 Ovilla Rd
    Ovilla, TX 75154

  • For more info about all payment types including the IPN, Wire Transfer, etc. Please contact Donna Godfrey in our Accounting Department at 214-459-3593

  • Please Note:We are copied on each inquiry you receive on all items listed to help ensure you receive the notifications in a timely fashion, site security, and customer financial accountability. During your registration process to list an ad, you are required to input some for of TAX ID number either personal or business when listing via consignment as to whom would be responsible if payment not received.

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    Q: Can I list multiple items for sale?

    A: Yes, we offer multiple categories within our Pre-Owned listing section for different sizes and accessories. We have plenty of repeat sellers who regularly use our site to list their display products and continuously add things throughout the month or year.

    Please Note: Unless sold together as a full display package, you are required to post each individual item separately.

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    Q: How Common is Purchasing a Pre-Owned Display?

    A: With the constant changing state of the economy and marketing department budgets fluctuating; over the last decade purchasing a pre-owned display has become as common as purchasing a used vehicle.

      FYI: We have the capability to assist buyers take the backbone of a display and help update graphics, design, hardware or any accessories to make marketing teams save thousands of dollars. This allows for Pre-Owned displays to become more common.

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    Q: Why should I sell my exhibit on EXHIBITTRADER.COM?

    A: EXHIBITTRADER.COM is the only innovative site on the internet that focuses on the direct marketing and advertising of your exhibit to actual exhibit buying professionals. We broadcast to a wide variety of new businesses, Fortune 500 companies, end users, as well as entrepreneurs all across the globe. With over 50,000 visitors a month to our web site your exhibit will get more qualified exposure than it would on any other internet site.

    Our research indicates that over 95% of pre-owned or rental listings of exhibition properties are out in cyberspace, far from plain view. Many properties reside on unknown or poorly marketed websites. We find many sites hard to navigate and the descriptions don't tell you what you need to know. EXHIBITTRADER.COM requires descriptions that are concise and consistent with what you need to know to buy or sell your property online. By listing your properties on EXHIBITTRADER.COM you will be putting dollars into your marketing budget rather than depleting your budgets on storage or disposal fees.

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    Buying Used Trade Show Exhibits

    Q: How do I buy a Pre-Owned exhibit I see listed on the site?

    A: Each classified ad has a contact seller form that once completed will instantly send multiple types of notifications to the seller regarding your interest that includes your contact information you choose to disclose in order to call or e-mail you. We recommend to give 1 - 2 business days for a response from the seller.

    Please Note: If you have an urgent need with a quick turn-around time, we will assist in the efforts to have you connect with the seller by making additional calls or e-mails on your behalf. If for any reason we are unable to connect in the time needed, our team can assist you in finding other similar or exact display products within your time and budget in our current Pre-Owned, Rental or New Product Categories.

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    Q: Can I re-design a Pre-Owned display?

    A: Yes. Great Question.

    After purchasing a pre-owned display, we offer a complete inventory of new products that can help you refurbish or redesign almost any display system with new graphics and additional hardware or accessories. If needed, we can even help design new graphics for additional small fee.

    Graphics, accessories and other additional products are sold separately and turn around time can vary depending on the Used Display's specifications such as size, age, material used, etc.

    If you have more questions regarding updates and refurbishing a Pre-Owned display E-Mail Us Here and a Display Consultant will respond to as soon as possible to assist you with your Booth Customization or Design questions.

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    Q: What is the cost difference of re-designing a Used Display vs. buying a New Display?

    A: The cost of re-designing an exhibit will vary based upon the size and detail of the refurbishing needed. You can save typically 60% by purchasing a pre-owned display but I would say to expect to pay about 10-15% of the cost to update. Some Displays are standardized when it comes to graphic size specifications, however custom built booths require more intensive re-branding time and budget.

    Please Note: Any 20 x 20 or larger custom exhibit will require more lead time to refurbish due to size and custom measurements may need to be taken to know what size to reproduce the graphics, accessories, flooring, etc.

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    Q: Can I negotiate the price of a Pre-Owned listing?

    A: Yes. We often see and can help facilitate negotiations between Buyers and Sellers. We can't guarantee that a seller is negotiable, however we recommend to discuss directly with the seller unless specified otherwise.

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    Q: Who pays for Shipping?

    A: Typically shipping costs for a pre-owned display purchased is the buyer's responsibility unless specified in the classified listing. It can, however vary on a case to case basis if the seller is looking to move their inventory for a quick sale.

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    Q: If I've never set up an exhibit, new or used, can you help with set up?

    A: Yes. Depending on the size of your purchased display, you may require an Installation and Dismantling team to come to the Show Hall or Venue to help you set up. We can assist you scheduling a team to help. Depending on the location of your show and the I/D company, costs will vary on this service

      For smaller exhibits that do not require an I/D crew, we can help by explaining the set up via phone call, send set-up instructions or videos on how to set up your display. We will find a solution no matter what to help you with set up.

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    Q: Can I inquire on more than one exhibit listed?

    A: Yes. You can inquire on up to 10 classified ad listings per day.

    Please Note: If you find something on our pre-owned classified listings that we can similarly offer with our own inventory of display products within a reasonable price, we can always get you an estimate of purchasing a new or different unit if needed.

    Contact Us if you would like to discuss other options.

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    Renting a Trade Show Display

    Q: How do I Rent an Exhibit?

    A: We offer a large inventory of Rental Display options to choose from. Once you have chosen a booth design, we will work with you or your graphic design team to create and produce an eye-catching and informative graphic presentation.

    Included in our rental packages are installation and dismantling services, round trip shipping, graphic printing, and other necessary benefits. All you have to do is show up as the exhibit will be shipped directly to the show location for the Installation team to set up when the hall opens.

    Please Note: We require 10 business days lead time to ensure we can get your display and graphics produced completed and shipped your marketing event. The more advance notice prior to the show the better to avoid any additional rush fees.

    View Rental Kit Inventory Here

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    Q: What features are included in the Rental Price?

    A: Our rental display kit price usually includes:

  • Printed Graphics
  • Display Lighting
  • Shipping Cases
  • Some include monitor brackets, tables and kiosks.
  • Each online ad will show what is included in the kit for the price listed
  • You are also able to rent or purchase additional hardware such as furniture, kiosks, AV and Monitor equipment, banners or hanging signs and more that may not be included in the Rental kit cost.

    Please Note: Not all accessories or additional items are available for rent and may only be available for purchase.

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    Q: After my show is over, what do I do with my Rental Exhibit?

    A: If you purchased custom graphics with your booth, those are yours to keep

    The booth, however, is required to be back in inventory within 15 days after last date of show. This is something that our Installation and Dismantle team will handle for you as well as the shipping logistics.

    In other words, all you do is show up and once finished, keep your graphics and leave the rest to us!

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    Q: If I attend multiple shows a year, can I use the same Rental Display?

    A: Yes. We have many clients who use the same display multiple times per year and update graphics or accesories as needed. You can use the same graphics as before and we will coordinate getting them to the Installation crew during show set up.

    Please Note: If you know in advance your show dates through out the year or season, please let us know so we can ensure to reserve your product.

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    Q: Is there a Lease to Own option?

    A: Yes. Some of our rental products are available for lease to own. They will vary case by case and the specific exhibit. If this is something you are interested in, please be sure to discuss with our team during your initial conversation.

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    Q: How do I determine if I should Rent vs Buy an exhibit?

    A: When you make the decision to Rent vs. Buy a Trade Show Display, there are a few things we recommend to consider:

  • Are you a first time exhibitor?
  • Do you have a more limited budget this quarter?
  • Do you plan to exhibit less than twice per year
  • Do you have conflicting show schedules?
  • Are you trial marketing a new product or service?
  • If you answered yes to one or more of these questions chances are renting a display may be the best option for you instead of purchasing.

    Contact Us: Contact our sales team today at or 214-459-3587 if you are weighing your options between new or rental. We would be glad to walk you through any questions and make sure you make the best choice for you or your company.

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    Q: Can I request a Custom Rental exhibit?

    A: Yes. Our inventory is constantly being updated for Rental Trade Show Display options. If there is a custom, specific look or functionality you need, we will try to work with you

    Please Note: Customization will require an additional cost for service, prices vary on a case by case basis.

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    Q: Do you only offer Pre-Owned Displays?

    A: No. Here at, we offer a complete inventory of Brand new exhibits to choose from as well as Pre-Owned and Rental Displays. With capabilities to print clear, informative graphics on almost any display, we are sure that you will find the best option for you.

    Click Here to shop our New Products

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    Q: Can I purchase graphics with my new display?

    A: Yes, we have full graphic capabilities. We can produce graphics for New Exhibits including with Fabric Tensions Displays, Pop Up Displays, Hop Up Displays, Folding Panel, Table Top, Banner Stands, Custom Modular Displays, Hanging Signs, and larger Island display. These are just to name a few.

  • All Fabric Material Printing
  • Hard Substrate, Sintra or Wood Printing
  • Vinyl, Lycra, and other light weight Material Printing
  • Sharp, Clear Graphic Printing Capabilities
  • Click Here to shop New Products

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    Q: Can I request a Custom Rental exhibit?

    A: Yes. Our inventory is constantly being updated for Rental Trade Show Display options. If there is a custom, specific look or functionality you need, we will try to work with you

    Please Note: Customization will require an additional cost for service, prices vary on a case by case basis.

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    Q: Can I purchase additional graphics now or later for my display?

    A: Yes. Upon the time you purchase or rent your display, we can produce as many different graphic murals or panels as you would like. If you don't need them now, you can always come back at anytime and request updated graphics

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    Q: How do I upload my artwork for my graphics?

    A: We provide a link on our website for you or your graphic designer to upload your artwork directly.

    Upload Artwork Here

    Please Note: There are artwork guidelines that we recommend to follow.

    View Art Guidelines Here

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    Q: Can you help me with Graphic Design?

    A: Yes. We work with an award winning graphic design team that can assist you in creating the look and design you are going for

    Please Note: Graphic Design is an additional cost and will vary on each project based on time spent creating and proofing the design.

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    Q: I received my display, but it came damaged or something is missing, what do I do?

    A: Depending on shipment method, we can't always guarantee the delivery service will do their part in protecting your package. We do, however, insure all of our shipments for at least the value of the exhibit so if something is damaged because of transportation, it will be covered by the carrier.

    If you receive your product, no damage is done, but you find something incorrect or missing, please notify us immediately at 214-459-3587 and we will get everything corrected ASAP.

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    Q: Where are your booths manufactured?

    A: We work with builders and manufacturers all over the country. Most of our product is printed and built here in the United States, however some of our economy options are imported. This is usually specified within the particular product ad.

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    Q: What kind of Warranty is provided with my exhibit?

    A: With all New exhibits, the frame or structure will come issued standard from a one year warranty up to a lifetime warranty, depending on which item you purchase. This information is usually specified within the ad.

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    Advertising on our Site

    Q: How can I advertise my business on this site?

    A: For more information, click here.

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