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What our customers are saying!

Updated August 2019

"You need to add Professional Mountain Movers somewhere on your resumes!! 😊 Thank you does not even begin to express our gratitude for your help on this! Please know that anyone and everyone will hear about your service from beginning to end and your patience with all the hiccups that come with new customers, new banner designers/purchasers, and shipping disasters that are out of your and our control."

Erica Dovalina
TouchMate, Inc.
Austin, TX

"Exhibit Trader has always provided us with quality display products and service. Lindsay has been great to work with as she provides timely service to fulfill our needs, as well as providing exceptional product knowledge"

Kevin Hoifield
Franchise Marketing Manager
JD Byrider

"The entire staff has been very helpful and has made this experience seamless, Thank you and best regards"

Bruce Giglio
Owner, CEO
Creative Displays NY

"Exibittrader is a great platform for showcasing exhibiting materials and assets to the tradeshow community. I liked the personal help I received to price our portable booth correctly and find a qualified buyer. Our tried and true exhibit has found a new home and a renewed life. I also made some money for my company and can accurately say that I do not just spend it! Thanks again, Exhibittrader!"

Jackie Osborne
Marketing Manager & Trade Compliance Specialist

" worked perfectly for us – it was easy to sign up and post our trade show booth for sale, and it generated a buyer quickly – at an attractive price. I recommend it highly to anyone"

Shawn T. Coyne
Coyne Scientific LLC

"Exhibit Trader made it really easy to sell our tradeshow booth that we no longer needed. I really didn’t have to do much, the team at Exhibit Trader did most of the work. Once listed, our both sold quickly."

Taylor Toussaint
Marketing Team Manager
Outdoor Tech

"Lindsay worked right up to the deadline to help us get our booth ready for the expo! Our display turned heads at the show, particularly the LED backlit wall. We had questions on how to set up the booth and Lindsay responded in real time. We enjoyed working with her and the ExhibitTrader team! ."

Eric Miramon
Pasco Foods
Austin, TX

"This was easier than expected. I highly recommend this service as it's quick, easy and provides results. The website guides you thru the process and within a few days, I was already getting inquiry's. The booth sold in less than 60 days. All correspondence between the buyer and seller are direct which allows fast communication. Invoicing, payment and all communications with exhibit trader were seamless; I couldn't ask for more."

Jake Bowen
Manchester Firing Line

"When one of our custom exhibit clients decided to no longer use the double deck exhibit we built for them, I told him to try listing it on ExhibiTrader. He did and there was immediate interest. Two potential buyers visited us to see the exhibit and one of them ended up purchasing it. It worked out great for our client, and for our new client who got a great deal on a very nice exhibit. ExhibiTrader was professional and efficient throughout the process. They have a great business model and a system that works. "

David Holladay

" provides a great service to companies that want to sell exhibit displays that are no longer needed. The entire process was very easy to follow and Jason and his team were along every step of the way to assist us with any questions. We listed our 2016 Modular Display and within a matter of weeks – it was sold for an attractive price. This was my first attempt at trying to sell a display and really works! I recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their display quickly at a fair price "

Nicholas "Claude" Colabella
Little's Specialty Foods, Inc.
New Canaan, Connecticut

"After using it about a dozen times, back in the early 2000's, I parked my trade show display in my company storage locker where it sat until September of 2018, when my wife suggested that I either dump it or try to sell it. So, after a quick Google search I stumbled onto the ExhibitTrader website. Signing up was easy and free with the consignment option. Honestly, my expectations were extremely low. But 5 inquiries led to a serious buyer who stopped by to purchase my display at a reasonable price. What a surprise. Along the way, ExhibitTrader folks were readily available to provide guidance on pricing, shipping options, etc. Bottom line, I recommend ExhibitTrader without reservation. "

Dean M. Becker
Managing Director
Adaptiv Learning Systems

"Once the decision was made to change our trade show presentation, the question became what to do with our large booth. ExhibitTrader made it possible to easily list and present our booth to those that could recycle and or re-purpose it for their own product presentation. Jason did a great job in getting buyers in touch with us and we were able to make the sale. With a little refurbishing and re branding the booth is on to new trade shows for the next few years. With the cost of trade shows and building a booth from scratch, ExhibitTrader provides a valuable service in providing a market place for used trade show material. We would definitely use their services again. "

Scott Finlayson
Product Manager
Malone Auto Racks

" helped us sell our 2 tradeshow booths. One sold right away and the other several months later. Important thing is that we had a forum to display them to those who wanted to buy. They were always responsive and willing to offer suggestions. It's a great service and better than beating the bushes on your own to find a buyer. Everyone wins "

Mary Chisholm
VP Operations & Marketing
MicroRidge Systems, Inc.

" is a fantastic resource to help our company consolidate our extensive inventory of Display structures and accessories. It provides access to clients of all sizes across the US to quality displays that they would not have located otherwise. It was easy for us to input the information, upload photos and work with the ExhibitTrader team during the sales process. Commission was very reasonable and we look forward to working with them again soon to post more displays on their website." "

Nina Cote
Sr Account Manager
Corporate Display Specialties

"Thank you, Cherie Word, and ExhibitTrader for providing us with a quality product. I just have to say Cherie is awesome to work with. She has saved us on more than one occasion when we've had a tight deadline, and is always calm and pleasant. Everything we've ordered in the past 2 years has turned out beautifully garnering compliments from our employees, and booth visitors at the trade shows. The colors on the booth backdrop are always bright and the graphics sharp. We will definitely continue to work with Cherie and on any trade show/event needs in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great guide/partner in the world of exhibits!" "

Margaret Livermore
Content Marketing Manager
Vue Software

"This was my first time designing a trade show display. My Display Consultant, Lindsay Rogowicz made the process a breeze. She gave me all the information I needed, helped me with any technical issues that arose, and delivered my product with time to spare. She was available and easy to get a hold of. The set up for my display went quickly and effortlessly with the detailed instruction provided. The display looked extremely professional with high quality graphics, and fabric that sat very taut on the frame. I was very happy and impressed with everything I got from working with ExhibitTrader. I will be a return customer and strongly recommend them for any display project."

Shawn Hoke
Technical Sales Representative
Gallina USA, LLC

"The old booth had set in the warehouse for years. I thought I could sell it others here just wanted to send it to the dump. A quick web search found Exhibit Trader and getting the booth listed was easy enough. I probably have less than 2 hours of my time invested listing and negotiating the sale. A win win, made more room in the warehouse and well-funded our next holiday party."

Richard Jollay
Director Photo-Medicine and Lasers
B&W Tek

"We are very happy with the transaction and assistance we received from It was very smooth process and they are very easy to work with. Thank you for all of your help"

Aaron Bushko
Business Development
Cura Emergency Services.

"It was truly a pleasure working with all of the folks at The web site is easy to use and we had our ad up in no time. Any questions we could throw at them were answered promptly and efficiently. In addition to providing the listing service for our custom 10 x 20 Exhibit, also offered the most competitive bid to rebrand the Exhibit for the Buyer, which ended up sealing the deal. The services offered by throughout our experience were consistent and professional all the way through.

Whether you are in the market to Buy or Sell a Trade Show Exhibit, I urge you to contact I think you will be glad you did. It sure worked out well for us "

Charles Best
All West Aviation Services, Inc.

"It was a red-letter day when I discovered! This company helped me sell my used exhibit and get top dollar for it! I knew my pop-up exhibit had value, and it was in excellent condition, but attempts to sell it on my own had proved fruitless. Then someone told me about Exhibittrader. Their rep was very helpful, giving me insight and wise advice. I followed their instructions and received the full amount I asked for. The emails and other systematic built-in helps were very professional, extremely prompt, and informative. This is a top notch company!"

Linden Kirby
President & CEO
Excel Ministries, Inc.

" has been essential in helping us clear items that seemed impossible to through any other avenue. There is only one site that I will think of in the future, and that's"

Mark Syrovatka
Team Manager
Anomaly Action Sports - Shred Optics

"After trying to find a buyer for our used booth for a few years on our own, the team at Exhibit Trader made it simple and easy to list. We received good exposure right away, the consignment option worked out well for our situation, and we were able to find a buyer in short amount of time. The only thing I would have done differently is list with Exhibit Trader a few years ago"

Jason Proctor
Merchandise Operations & Planning Mgr
Scientific Anglers, LLC

"I just wanted to write separately to thank your team for the help and guidance with designing and printing our booth and podium wrap. The printing on fabric looks amazing, beautiful and well made. The design is gorgeous. My boss is very pleased and he is very detailed oriented and a perfectionist. Great Job! Thanks so much again. "

Lilly Hung
Admin Asst
Barfield McCain, PA

"Selling our gently used trade show booth set-up seemed like a daunting task. Thankfully, ExhibitTrader was able to walk me through the easy process of posting my booth online. Within a week, I had a buyer and sold it for asking price. I'm very happy with the timely communication from their display consultant, Lindsay. I'm glad I can check this task off my list! "

Erica Sobba
Executive VP
Noble Mortgage & Investments, LLC.

" made the selling process easy. After some initial issues because our trade show display is an "older" truss, it took some time but in the end, Exhibit Trader found some options to sell our used trade booth. The sale process went smooth after we had to drop the price but everything went as planned and I would recommend Exhibit Trader "

Derek Hutchings
Account Executive
RAID, Inc.

"I really appreciate a site that is dedicated specifically for exhibit materials. I have purchased and sold items from ExhibitTrader and it has always been a pleasant experience. Sometimes there is a special need for an exhibit and having a broader market to buy and sell locally is a plus. Thank you for a great service! "

Karen Hawkins
Account Representative
Exhibit Associates

"Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to help us out and video chat. We can't tell you how much we appreciate that and we know it's not your job to do so. The booth is absolutely stunning and we're already the talk of the town and the show hasn't even started. I am so proud of what we put together. "

Kelly Wicker
Director of Operations
Housed Real Estate + Relocation

"I highly recommend if you have a Trade Show Booth or Display System to sell. Listing it took all of 5 minutes and the sales process was just as easy. I was able to get the full asking price for my display and Chad even helped us to find a great shipper. I can't think of another site where I could have sold my display with such ease. Thanks so much!"

Tracy Arrington
Tracy Arrington Studios
Longwood, FL

" made the selling process relatively easy. After some initial issues with the emails from potential buyers, Exhibit Trader addressed and resolved the issue quickly. This was the best way we found to sell our used Trade Booth, they even helped to find the best asking price for a quick sell. If I had to do it all over, I would definitely call on them again."

J.D. Morgan
Gunze Electronics USA
Austin, TX

"I had some used exhibit material that was in good condition but had know use for anymore. After considering disposing of it, I decided to list it on it sold, quick!"

Craig Nodland
Mobius Exhibits
Charlotte, NC

"Our experience with Exhibit Trader was excellent and appreciated working with a professional and courteous team. The site is user friendly and, through the whole process, received fast responses to our questions. exceeded our expectations and highly recommend them."

George Levine
Casino Data Imaging
Las Vegas, Nevada

"It was a pleasure working with ExhibitTrader. The site is easy to use, and the commission is affordable. Exhibit resale directly compliments our Green Mission. We'll continue using this valuable tool."

Tracy Inglis
Account Executive
Display Arts

"We have found Lindsay extremely professional, informative and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her assistance was extremely valuable to us and we highly recommend Lindsay and for all your trade show requirements. We will most definitely contact Lindsay for any future Exhibit and Display needs The Safaris of Graham Jones might have."

Graham Jones
The Safaris of Graham Jones
Limpopo, South Africa

"Thank you so much to Exhibit Trader for making the entire process of selling our booth so hassle free. Listing was easy and simple, and Exhibit trader assisted with the liaising between ourselves and the buyer, which made it such an easy process. I would definitely recommend Exhibit trader to anyone looking to sell their used booths."

Lana White
Yorba Organicx
Sarasota, FL

"Having done 4 separate and unique transactions with Exhibit Trader over the past decade (I have sold 2 booths and purchased 2 booths...I can honestly say I have never experienced any problematic issue and only received the best and most professional service. In each case, the booth transaction was simple, the ads were accurate, and the price was fair. The staff has been courteous, very receptive, and always willing to help answer any questions or concerns I may have had.
In my experience and opinion...Exhibit Trader has proven to provide the pinnacle of online exhibit purchasing services and has proved to be an organization I would highly recommend."

Ed Clydesdale
President & CEO – CNI Distribution
Christian Network International

"ExhibitTrader has been a true advocate to our company when it comes to the sale of our booth. Where other listing companies have failed, ExhibitTrader came through. We weren't sure if we'd ever be able to sell the booth, but ExhibitTrader was able to get it done for us and has made the process easy. Not only did they list and sell our booth, but they were able to find a great buyer who was quick to get payment sent out. Thanks ExhibitTrader for getting this done for us and at a reasonable price."

Dave Temple
Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications
Nextremity Solutions

"ExhibitTrader was extremely helpful in getting our trade show booth sold. We are very happy with the process"

Laura Land
Marketplace Valet

"The process of listing our booth was extremely easy. Once I posted the contents, images and named my price, I put it all out of my mind. Several weeks later, we had an extremely interested buyer that then turned into a sale. If you are looking for a competent, well-functioning site that will help you sell your unwanted booth, I would recommend"

Troy Mikell
Director of Marketing Communications

"I've been a customer of for several years. I've bought and sold on the platform, which is a great service. When Highwinds was bought by StackPath, we had an extra booth that we no longer needed. We sold it at a fair price, which as a win/win for both our company the buyer's company."

Jay Moore
VP, Marketing

"I found that using ExhibitTrader to sale our old trade show booth was really quite easy. The contract and instructions are all online, if you have any questions, call and they will give you the answer. ExhibitTrader also helped the buying process along by providing graphic quotes to the interested buyer, which confirmed the deal. I would definitely use them again"

Erika Gilbert
Posiflex, USA

"When I first wanted to sell my booth I just Googled “Used Exhibit Booths”. was the first unpaid site to pop up. From there on everything was seamless: easy to use site, good people to deal with, helpful advice, no pressure. When I get ready to either sell my present booth or buy another, I’ll definitely take the same route. "

Michael F. Kolesar
Quantic Engineering and Logistics Corporation
Panama City Beach, Florida

"Cherie has been invaluable to us with all aspects of selecting, designing, and deploying our trade show booth. She identified and guided us through the selection of a great booth that fit within our budget. Her service after we selected the booth was even more valuable. She handle the shipment of the booth to our first trade show and answered all of my questions regarding the logistics of ordering the services from the trade show to ensure everything was ready to go when we arrived. Our first show was a complete success thanks to the patience and extra effort Cherie put forward for us. "

Ray Almgren
Chief Marketing Officer
Swift Sensors

"I was very pleased with the hands-on service that I received from Exhibit Trader and was surprised at how easy the booth sale went. Located in Canada I was dubious that I would have a successful outcome but we did and it was quick and painless. Highly recommend this service!"

Stan Gallen
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Debco Solutions

" was invaluable to our organization! Not only did we sell our older custom exhibit booth, but we were able to secure a new-to-us booth that better fit our new branding better. I would highly recommend this service and always tell people to check it out when they ask about our booth at industry trade shows. "

Melissa Ruminot
Director, Marketing & Business Development
The Nassal Company

"Posting and selling our booth on Exhibit Trader was a good decision. It’s an easy-to-use marketplace connecting sellers and buyers. Thank you for a successful transaction"

Todd Remely
Director of Marketing

"CES is the most important show of the year for us, and amidst all the noise of the world's biggest electronics show, we needed a partner who would deliver a stand-out booth that truly represented what LINK stands for, while managing the challenges (both expected and unexpected) of the show with ease. ExhibitTrader did just that for Fasetto at CES 2017, by creating a booth that encapsulated our product's quality, its purpose, and its diversity of possibilities for the consumer. Throughout the show we received endless praise from visitors, prospects and journalists who found our booth to be a breath of fresh air, which is no small feat in 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space. At shows like CES, first impressions count, and ExhibitTrader helped us make an incredible entrance"

Coy Christmas
CEO and Co-Founder
Fasetto, LLC.

"My client was very happy with the graphics, and I just got back from her client's location, they are very happy as well. Thanks again for all your help on this, I hope we get to work together again soon. "

Edward Owens
Speed Pro East Bay

"We initially purchased a booth from Exhibit Trader, and was able to use it for several shows. When it came time to purchase a new booth, Exhibit Trader worked right along with us to get our current booth listed and sold. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you Exhibit Trader!"

Dara Feldman
Marketing Manager

"Selling a booth can be stressful and hard to manage. With the help at I was able to get in contact with the buyers I wanted and get the price we were looking for quick and easy. I enjoyed the professional assistance from the staff and will be using them in the future for more booth business."

Scott Rasak
VP of Sales and Marketing
VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes

"I want to express my appreciation to you, Lindsay, and the team for everything at ExhibitTrader. Your expertise really paved the way for a great start to the show for us. We were pleased with the booth, the graphics looked great, installation and tear-down went very smoothly. The crew from nth degree was awesome, and Brian from Pascale was outstanding and very knowledgeable."

Holly Gipson
Sales and Marketing Director
UDA Technologies, Inc.

"From the very beginning,'s staff members were extremely helpful. The first meeting we had was with Jason, the VP of Sales & Business Development, who was extremely nice and just wanted to get a feel for what our company was trying to accomplish and then walked us through all of the different options for posting a booth for sale. Jason was kind enough to share his knowledge and recommendations, based on experiences from companies that had previously sold their booths. He said on average it would take around 3 months to sell a booth, and we sold our booth in half of that time. Great experience!"

Patrick Augustyniak
Sales & Marketing Executive
IDV Solutions

"Using was simple. Jason was incredibly helpful and was quick to respond to any questions we had. He also set up our listing for free and helped us recommend a fair price to sell our tradeshow booth. After that, we had our own login so we could make edits to the listing as needed. One clarifying fact about is that it's just a site to connect the buyers and sellers; the actual transaction of payment is solely between the buyer and seller. Our booth was sold in about 3 months. I would recommend this service and would use them in the future."

Abby Binshaieg
Vancouver, WA
Covergence Training, LLC.

" is THE place to effectively promote used trade show equipment. We were able to sell our gently used trade show exhibit and I plan to shop for our next exhibit there as well. The staff provided valuable guidance on how to improve our listing and make our ad work for us."

Glenda Curry
Ft. Worth, TX
Landmark Structures

" was a huge help in getting our booth sold. From the wonderful assistance of Jason when first posting our booth to the smooth transaction of the sale just a few months later; I would definitely recommend this company for buying or selling a trade show booth. They are the experts!"

Sami Walker
Covington, KY
Monarch Coin & Security Inc.

"I am very impressed and pleasantly surprised with the sale transaction of our booth and the personal attention provided by Exhibit Immediately after the very simple process of setting up the sales announcement, I received an immediate call from Jason, who spent at least 30 minutes on the phone with me, educating me on their business, their site and offering wise suggestions in terms of pricing, photos and (industry) language that would be understood by prospective buyers. He also took the time to educate me on navigation of his site and how to stay abreast with the status in "real time". Jason continued to either call me or email me with updates or to check in.

Surprisingly, in less than 4 weeks our booth sold! While we have previously had our booth listed on various other sites, not only had we never received any prospective interest from buyers, but I hadn't received a single telephone call or offer of assistance from the listing site. If you are considering the sale of a booth, you need to look no further than Exhibit I say this not because our booth sold but because of his professionalism and the amount of time, energy and genuine interest expressed and invested by Jason at the very outset...even before there was any interest on the part of a buyer. This experience has been indeed, very pleasant and memorable. And, should our company be in need of the purchase of any tradeshow material, our first stop will be Exhibit"

Marshall E. Whitehead II

"Posting and selling on Exhibit Trader was an easy process and I would recommend it to anyone who has an Exhibit (display) they wish to sell." "

Cheryl L. Carmen
Executive Assistant
Paradigm Software, LLC

"This was our first experience using to sell our used display. I highly recommend using them. They bring sellers and buyers together seamlessly." "

John Tuccinardi
Vice President
TMI Automotive Products, Inc.

"Using was great. The set-up process was smooth and easy and the staff were very helpful. One excellent feature is the notification email from ExhibitTrader indicating a buyer has submitted a query on the display. I might have missed the query otherwise. I would recommend this site highly. Don't waste time trying to sell a display yourself. ExhibitTrader gets the job done. "

Patricia Chan
Creative Lines
Chicago, IL

"It was a pleasure working with ExhibitTrader. We sold our booth within two weeks from our listing date. I definitely recommend their services and would use them again for any future needs. "

Christina Wilson
Operations Manager, FSO
AVT Simulation

"In 2004, we designed and purchased a 10'x 30' extruded aluminum exhibit that pretty much sat in storage for the last 10 years. We recently needed additional space in our warehouse for an expansion project, but didn't know how to quickly liquidate this display housed in two very large piano crates. A sales rep from a local exhibit company passed along your name, we listed our display on your site, and in reasonable time sold it for a fair offer. Very little effort on our part and a satisfied buyer who will put it to good use. "

Glenn Siegman
Brand Manager
Akron Hardware, Inc

"We had a wonderful experience with! They answered our many questions and helped make suggestions prior to posting. Once the exhibit was posted, we sold the item in less than a month at a fair price with very little effort. Great value and overall great experience!"

Steve Metz
Burrell Colour Imaging

"I found Exhibit online in a search for a new display booth for our company. Saw all of the used and new that were available and did some searching. Found a overstock booth exactly like we were looking for and they did a great job modifying it to our needs and graphics. We got a perfect booth that can be set up for a 10' or 20' show. The graphics came out awesome. After our purchase of the new booth, they helped list our old booth and within a couple of months it has now sold for our asking price. They helped make this major project easy and would use them again. Thanks again Exhibit"

Chuck Fanslow
General Manager

" is an excellent resource for selling your exhibits. This was my first experience with them and I was very pleased with how professional the sales team was and how quickly they responded to my needs. With the help of Jason, I was able to post and sell our booth within 1 weeks' time. We were not expecting this process to be so quick. The sales team also helped with organizing shipping and additional information needed to complete the sale of our exhibit. I would highly recommend them to people both looking to sell and buy a used exhibit."

Kris Rutherford
Office Administrator
Project Navigation

"I've been using exhibit trader exclusively for the past few years to both buy and sell used booths. The website is easy to use, it's easy to find what you want, and it's easy to contact the seller. Customer service from Exhibit Trader is also exceptional. Exhibit Trader keeps you updated on the status of your listing(s) and makes recommendations to help you sell more effectively."

Sue Hansen
Sr. Marketing Specialist
ZTR Control System

"In less than 24 hours after posting a trade show booth, we got our first contact from a potential buyer - and less than a week later had sold the booth. The folks at Exhibit Trader prepared us well to fully-prepare our listing - and the results followed quickly. Couldn't be more pleased with our experience - helpful, friendly and patient with first-timers"

Todd Hinkie
VME Fabricators
Tyler, TX

"We listed our booth with ExhibitTrader and had a check in hand for near full list price within 30 days. This was as seamless of a process as I could have imagined and would recommend ExhibitTrader to anyone looking to sell their booth."

Chris Leatherman
Chief Sales Officer

"Selling our used products through Exhibit Trader has been a very pleasant experience. We've sold several exhibits through them and have always been met with satisfying results. Whenever I would need help with selling an exhibit, I would just simply call up one of their friendly representatives, and they would always give me insightful advice to resolve my issue."

Zack Leslie
TideLine Design, Inc.
Boise, ID

"Medliance experience in the process of listing and finalization of sale were great in thanks to Lindsay Rogowicz. She promptly turned around the listing into final sale due to her attention to any customer inquiry. She is a delightful, very attentive representation of Exhibit Trader. If all you team members as wonderful as Lindsay you surely will have a great customer re-occurrence as well customer recommendations. "

Barbara Range
Medliance LLC

"ExhibitTrader was a pleasure to work with. Within a few weeks of posting my pop-up banner, I had a buyer. I certainly would use them again."

Aaron Morrill
New Jersey

"It was my first time using and the registration process was very easy. A rep contacted me right away and explained the process. Creating, editing, and managing the ad is also very simple without omitting the information essential for the initial 'contact' with the potential buyer and the advertisement. Potential buyers are able to contact the seller directly and communication can be direct, clear, and efficient. The commission fee to is very reasonable as well and overall I'm very satisfied with the sell. I thought that it would have taken me a long time to sell the booth but it was sold fairly quickly. Overall, is very easy to use, you are in control of your ad and communication with the seller including negotiating price. Highly recommend this service."

Martin You
Marketing Manager
TCK Membrane America Inc.

"Our company had used ExhibitTrader many years ago selling a very large customized booth with great success. So once we decided to sell another one, there was no reason to go anywhere else. Working with Jason makes it as painless a process as possible. He is not only helpful and courteous, but has quite a sense of humor which puts you at ease. Setting up the listing was easy with his instruction and it didn't take long before we had an offer which freed up some much needed warehouse space so we could do what we do most-sell equipment, not booths. Thanks guys!"

Elsie Stinton
Office Manager
Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc.

"My company purchased a new booth and we were unsure what to do with our old one that was about 5 years old. The company that built our new booth thought our old booth would be tough to sell and said that they would pick it up from the warehouse and dispose of it for free. I wanted to at least take a shot at selling it first, so I reached out to Jason with He was very helpful with everything; he assisted with the paperwork and walked me through all the details. We put it up on the website for $4k and we got an offer the very next day for $3,600. We had several more offers come in during the weeks to follow while we were waiting for payment. This was a process I was dreading so much, but Jason made it SO easy and was incredibly helpful. I'd highly recommend "

Maribeth Thomasson
Trade Show and Event Planning
Origami Risk

"As my first time selling a booth, this experience was awesome. I had a lot of questions and Jason took all the time I needed to make this process as smooth as possible. Just a short time after posting our add, we sold our booth! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy or sell. "

Kassie Jones
Total Flame Cigars
Amarillo, TX

"There aren't many marketplaces for used tradeshow booths. Working with was very effective and connected me with several buyers in a short period of time. I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend to anyone."

Danyel Tiefenbacher
Brand Manager

"Thank you so much for all of your help! Your customer service was amazing! I'm so happy that I found you! Thank you!"

Michelle deMille
Atlas Coffee
Seattle, WA

"You guys did an excellent job of advertising for me. Thanks for your help! "

Beau Schless
Robert A. Schless & Co. Inc
Sudbury, MA

"We had an excellent experience with They walked me through the process in advance with attention to detail and great advice on pricing. We had multiple contacts about our ad and very professional follow-up from the staff at ExhibitTrader. Our items sold in a very reasonable amount of time and the sale and transfer of items went smoothly. If I have similar items in the future, I will definitely consider using again."

Bobby Reed
Vice President of Business and Finance
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

"I am so glad that I found and used to sell our old trade show booths. I had been storing these two 10 x10 booths and all the accessories for over 5 years and they were constantly in our way around the warehouse. They were still in good condition but I had no luck selling it on Craigslist. I wasn't convinced that anyone would want these even if I gave them away but I spoke to a rep at Exhibit Trader and he told me they've been very successful in selling these booths. So, I put my faith in them. I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them, it was super simple to create the listing. Then I just went on with business. When buyers were interested, I got an email and arranged for delivery. It was so simple. And the best part, I don't have to store them anymore. Just Amazing! Thanks sooo much!"

Jennifer Didone
HR Manager
Bradford Technologies, Inc.

"I wish I would've found ExhibitTrader prior to purchasing a new booth. I wasted a lot of money purchasing a new booth. Dealing with ExhibitTrader was done on what could be described as a simple electric handshake. I put my booth up for sale on 5/6/15 and it sold on 10/6/15. All the tools you need are right at your fingertips; I even used their "Bill of Sale" document. It was very easy to post the ad and follow up on leads. The deal was so simple I only communicated with ExhibitTrader twice during the entire process"

Ron Powers
Vice President of Client Services
Thin Air Data

"It was a very easy process and our exhibit sold, so the site works. Everyone was very helpful anytime we needed help. We would use the site again."

Brenda Bradley
Office Manager
Halo Business Intelligence

"We are pleased to report that we were able to successfully sell our lightly used exhibit on The representatives at ExhibitTrader were very attentive to any inquiry we received and followed up regularly to ask if we required any assistance. It was a painless process that I would recommend to any marketing or events team looking to offload booth structure from their inventory."

Daisy Spiridopoulos
Marketing Coordinator

"We were pleased with the response received with so many inquiries in such a short time. We have tried other means to sell our displays but were not successful Thanks for all the help and follow up"

Bob Fils
Aquatic AV

"Selling an exhibit can be rather daunting, especially when your boss asks you to sell an exhibit that you've never seen or put together. After many failed attempts through different mediums, crossed my path. Although I was skeptical, proved to be an amazing resource and got what I thought an unsaleable exhibit, sold. Not only do they help you sell with their impeccable knowledge of the exhibits, but they are always available to answer any questions you or potential buyers may have. I am thankful that this service is available and that does it so well. "

Sonia Tyler
Project Coordinator

"The sale of my company's tradeshow booth was easy and quick. The staff was very helpful in helping me price it right. Well worth the small fee."

John R Taylor
CEO and Founder

"I had such a wonderful experience listing my client's exhibit on The whole process was so easy and we sold the exhibit quickly. Jason Wooten was a great help with answering my questions and helping me through the process. My client had purchased a new exhibit and no longer wanted to pay for storage on the old one or the associated costs of disposing of it (22 crates). The sale of the exhibit covered the cost of the storage due, labor for set up for the review of the content of the crates and the disposal of the unwanted crates. The exhibit was perfect for the needs of the purchaser so everyone was happy! Thank you!"

Robyn Till
Sr. Acct Executive
20/20 Exhibits

"When our company decided to shift marketing efforts away from larger trade show exhibits, I was left with the task of selling our custom built exhibit. I naturally went to Google and was one of the first to come up in the results. Many other companies also came up, but was one of the most professional looking sites. I submitted my information and was contacted right away. My listing was also put up on the site very quickly. I had to chase a couple of other companies to just get my booth listed. I dealt with Jason Wooten who was very pleasant, helpful and professional. We sold our booth from that listing on in about 2 months. Other sites who wouldn't list it told me no one would want such and exhibit. The exhibit, in three large shipping crates, took up much needed space in our warehouse. We are grateful to for helping us!"

Bonnie Cote
HealthStar, Inc.
Randolph, MA

"We were very pleased with the personal service and support we received from when listing and selling our booth. Great site and a pleasure to work with!"

Janine Cannici
Vision USA

"We had a very large 20 x 20 truss display system that we wanted to sell. Jason guided me from start to finish. He took all the information I gave him about the truss system and turned it into a great looking ad. 100 times better than I could have done myself. It only took two weeks to get it sold. I was amazed and thrilled! I had expected it to take months if it ever sold at all. The whole process was easier than I anticipated. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience."

Laura A.
Baltimore, MD

"A few months ago I decided we needed a smaller, more portable display booth than the one we had been using for conferences. To my surprise, none of the display booth companies where interested in buying a used booth, or even trading one in for credit. I googled "used display booths" and Exhibit Trader came right up. They seem to be the only decent option for reselling conference booths.

Over the last few months, I got regular updates on how my ad was performing. I eventually got an offer to buy the booth and the sale went off without a hitch. Jason Wooten was very helpful in dealing with the logistics of closing the sale.

Thanks!! I would 100% use again."

Matthew Larson
Points Mentioned
Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks so much to for helping me sell my display, It was very easy to do. Your site gets a lot of traffic and took no time to sell it for the asking price."

Donna Morgan, R.N.
Director of Business Operations
Superior Rehabilitation, LLC

"Selling our display via was simple as it can get. Our display wasn't a conventional one and it took time to find a buyer; still they were patient helpful and supportive. And what's most important eventually we sold the display for about 90% of our original asking price. Bottom line, no downside with listing on this site: no upfront fee, good traffic that we will see your listing, a good chance to eventually sell, good customer support, and a reasonable fee if you are successful. Our experience was perfect."

Chanan Steinhart
DigiLabs Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

"I highly recommend We had tried a few other sites to sell our no-longer-used booth, but with no success.'s staff followed up promptly to any inquiries I had throught the process and we sold our booth quickly!"

Sylvia Sabol
Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc.
Lafayette, CO

"We had a great experience selling our display through The process was straight forward and the staff was very helpful. This was my first time selling a display and I wasn't sure what to expect. We sold our display in less than a month! was a terrific find!"

Kim Kirkland
Director of Creative Marketing
Church Extension Plan

"Thank you! I was about to throw my trade show booth away as trying to find a buyer on my own was proving not worth the storage costs. In less than a month I had it sold for asking value. Good Job!"

Richard P. Nolan
RTK Media, Inc.

"I had a great experience and really appreciated all the help from the staff at Exhibit! I'd tried the usual routes with no success and unexpected cost out of pocket! Jason and the staff at made the process of selling my display system painless and cost effective! They helped me find out more detailed information about my system and get the ad out to buyers all over the world! I had more "hits and views" from potential buyers than all those "other" online selling places combined! Thanks so very much! I can't thank you enough!"

Linda Salzar
Austin, TX

"My name is Chuck Calloway and my family and I own and operate Exhibit Resources an Exhibit design agency in Raleigh NC for over 20 years. We have been selling and renting displays for years had quite a few pre-owned or rented inventory displays that has been getting a little too much to handle and taking up too much space. I had heard of over the years and I went to their website and started reading. When I found out I could list an a used exhibit property with no cost up front and only pay a fee when it sold I thought that was perfect program for us. So I listed a few displays with their online form and sent a few photos and with the wonderful help and guidance of their staff one of our displays sold in two days. So I am a client forever and I am listing a new preowned display each day or until we do not have any more left. Thank You I really appreciate your help!"

Chuck Calloway
Business Development Manager
Exhibit Resources


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and support while listing and selling our company Show Booth. It is a pretty unique 2-story Octagon booth, stairs, etc., which I found pretty difficult to market before I contacted you. After posting to your site, we received numerous hits, and ultimately sold it in just a few weeks. The neat thing about posting to your site, is a lot of buyers come back to see what is new and what has the best deal. This is exactly who we sold our booth to, an often returning shopper/buyer (I believe they mentioned to me that they have purchased two other booths in the past) at your site. As a side lite, in discussing our next booth, it was mentioned we need to visit the site and shop there, versus paying crazy retail.

Thanks again!"

Denis Walp
VP Sales
MK Products

"The team was excellent to work with. Their guidance through the process made it effortless on our end. We appreciate the help and we are glad our exhibit is now SOLD!"

Teri Garrett
Director, Communications

"I had a very happy experience with in selling my exhibit booth. They communicated with me openly and honestly. The many good ideas and suggestions I got from them were informative and educative., you have a great team ! Thanks"

Bai Li
President and CEO
M M Rotors, Inc.

"Over the years, I have used to sell two of my used exhibits. In both cases, the exhibit sold for a good price and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks!"

David B.

"Jason and the team at are the best! They have in-depth knowledge of the industry, foster open / honest communications, and were very helpful in the sale of our old trade show displays. I highly recommend their team and service to anyone thinking about buying or selling used exhibits."

Eugene O'Rourke
Director of Marketing
Autoscribe Corporation

" helped us sell our used display. It is a great service for bringing sellers and buyers together."

Greg Abbas
A-Way Hunting Products

"Staff at

Thank you for providing such a valuable service to the tradeshow industry. We are very impressed with the amount of professionalism and attention to details we received while working with you guys! I would highly recommend to anyone that is considering buying or selling a trade show display. We were able to find a buyer very quickly for our display using their user friendly web site. I am also a user myself of their services from a buyers prospective and have been able to find very detailed and accurate information on several booths I have purchased through their site in the past. If you are truly in the market for a new booth, do yourself a favor and consider buying used from"

Jeffery Mcannally
Macular Health, LLC

"I am very satisfied with the results and happy that provided the tools needed to liquidate my old display."

Bill Learned
Trade Show Coordinator
Heat and Control

"Exhibit Trader has become a great resource for our company. Three years ago we purchased 2 booths, they served us well but we've now outgrown them. We were able to re-sell one of the booths much more quickly by using than through any other method. We intend to look to Exhibit Trader once again for our next purchase."

Brett Saunders
Accolade USA Inc.
Cheektowaga, NY

"My experience with has been wonderful. Lindsay Rogowicz, our Account Rep, has given me especially great service by helping me when I purchased new trade show exhibits, and also when I needed table covers imprinted or pop up banners created. Then, when I decided to sell one of our exhibit stands, Jason Wooten from the pre-owned division of was also quite helpful to get the sale finalized in a very efficient way. is the first place I go when looking for products to enhance our image at trade shows and conferences."

Mark Teears
New Growth Press

"I have had a great experience on I both purchased and then again sold a large trade show booth on I would not have found the booth nor been able to find a market for it any other way."

Andrew Gerlach
Endurance Enterprises Inc.
Ketchum, ID

"We were extremely impressed with the efficiency and the service and human touch displayed at The booth was literally sold within a day of listing, but more importantly, we were guided at a personal level throughout the entire process and it was truly a pleasure working with them. Highly recommended!"

Alejandro Rivas-Micoud
Sausalito, CA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! After months of trying to sell our former booth on our own, and obviously not succeeding, it was a pleasure discovering how easy it was to sell it through You have the entire process so well organized that it was super easy to get it listed. I'm surprised at how quickly it sold, too! Thanks again!"

Robert J. Morey
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.
Napa, CA

"When I decided to sell our companies used trade show booth, the most logical decision was to put an ad on because I had heard great things about the company. It was easy to upload my ad and images of the booth. The sales people were very helpful in answering my questions as well as offering to be at my assistance. My booth has just sold and the process has been without effort. Thank you again, we will use you in the future!!!"

Krissi Heard-Slagle
Technical Sales
MicroLumen, Inc.

"Our experience with has been great! Both us and the clients purchasing our exhibits have been helped in a fast and direct manner, when needed, and that is such a relief! We appreciate and highly value the continued great service; we will list with Exhibit Trader on a regular basis. Other avenues like Craigslist are just not quick or reliable; it's an essential tool in liquidating our overstock as an always expanding display show company."

Jordan Cox
Director of Operations
GC Graphic Communications & Displays

"My experience with, and with my rep was exceptional. I was able to ask many questions and always received a thorough answer with amazing attitude to service me, the customer. Good customer service is difficult to find these days, much less exceptional customer service. I believe customer service can make or break a company and the customer service I received from Jason definitely made my experience with a great one. I would recommend to anyone looking for this type of product to sell or buy."

Susan Vigil
Lumina Gifts

"We were trying to sell our old truss structure for quite a while, and never found the time to actively find leads or potential buyers. Then an industry colleague turned us on to We had interested leads within a few days of our posted listing. Even if it takes months to find a buyer, is the way to go. They attract serious buyers, and their service is constantly working for you 24/7. Resist the urge to scrap your truss, and let do its work. It definitely paid-off for us, and I was happy to pay their service 15% fee. A Great Industry Resource!"

Ed Tomasi
Vice President

" made selling our booth property incredibly easy! I thought it would be a long, drawn out, painful process. Little did I know how stress-free it would be. Jason was a pleasure to work with! He was incredibly knowledgeable, and full of very insightful suggestions. I would highly recommend this site to individuals looking to buy or sell exhibit properties."

Jessica Muraviov
Global Campaign Marketing Manager
Syncsort Incorporated

"Like most people, we are very busy with meetings, calls, product development, etc. Selling a tradeshow booth that is no longer needed was not something we wanted to spend a lot of time on. but we needed for it to be done! This is where came in. The relationship started with a study of their website, then a very friendly and informative phone call. All of the options were broken down and the best package for us was selected. The service did not end with the posting. The people at Exhibit Trader, experts in selling trade show booths, provided valuable feedback on listing price, pictures, and text. My part was done! All we needed now were prospective buyers. The Exhibit Trader SEO-optimized web site did the heavy lifting. A buyer was found, and the booth was sold. That is how it is supposed to work!

Would I use again? You bet I would! As a buyer or as a seller."

Mark Knowles
VP Sales
Every Angle US

"I didn't think I was going to be able to sell my booth and was ready to suck up the loss when I bought a new one. ExhibitTrader walked me through the steps of listing my booth, guiding me on how to price it and kept in constant touch with me until it sold. Overall I would have to say they do a great job getting the word out and providing a service you can't find anywhere else"

Dr. Anthony S. Diecidue
Mountain Computer Systems

" has been very helpful in developing a listing and determining the value of our booth. Throughout the process they were available with advice and support. Our booth sold within a few months at a satisfactory price."

John Risch
Lumberg, Inc.

" is indispensible as a unique resource to quickly buy and sell merchandising and display units."


"This was my first time using Exhibit Trader and I had a great experience! Jason helped me through every part of the process including how worked, to recommending we take new photos of our booth, to informing me what an ideal listing price would be. Our company sold a used booth from 2000 that we haven't used in years, in less than a month! The staff is very kind, experienced, and helpful and they look out for the best interest of the buyer and seller. I couldn't be happier with our experience with ExhibitTradercom."

Katie Truluck
Marketing Coordinator
Tecore Networks

"Our experience listing with ExhibitTrader was very positive. After listing there was a friendly follow-up on listing details. When potential buyers presented, we also had friendly follow ups making sure the process with be smooth. Overall - 5 stars with no hesitation."

Lev Milaychev
President & CEO
New Wave Software

"As a repeat customer with I was again pleased with their level of service. They helped me with the listing, the pricing, and the contact with the buyer. This is a painless and profitable way to dispose of an exhibit."

Debbie Hepp
Design & Marketing Consultant
Ballyhoo Studio

"Exhibit Trader made selling our trade show booth so easy! Listing our assets was a breeze and the friendly staff was there to walk us through every step of the process. Once we found a buyer, Jason even helped us have the booth re-branded for the new company. I highly recommend this site."

Jennifer Borun
Sr. Marketing Director
GoingOn Networks

"Jason at walked us through the selling process and gave us advice on what to post (pictures, etc). Based on his experience he suggested a price range and we sold one of our exhibits in less than a month. We still have a smaller unit listed and we are considering selling another exhibit we have. Great job!"

Walter F. Bushala
Krex Inc
Northbrook, IL

"Exhibition collateral is a very expensive component of a company's marketing budget and many companies throw away thousands of dollars of show equipment every year. To save filling our landfills with these items and to reap some monetary benefit, we have used to advertise and sell used show equipment. We have sold a number of items using this website and can recommend it to any trade show manager who has unwanted pieces lying around a warehouse."

Bill Zinn
Trade Show Manager
Kurt J. Lesker Company

"I can't tell you how happy I am with our dealings with Exhibit Trader and Jason Wooten. We had an extremely unique booth that I thought would take quite a while to sell. After following Jason's advice on how to best sell my booth, we were able to have our booth sold within 3 weeks! Now we have cash on hand (that any company needs) and we are no longer paying every month to store our booth. I would happily recommend to ANYONE looking to sell their trade show exhibit. I couldn't have been happier with my experience. Thank you Jason and!"

Stephenson Darling
Director of Sales & Marketing
Northridge Publishing

"Great experience! I had a 10x10 booth that I had used over a number of years but no longer needed. I finally decided to try to sell it but had no idea of how to go about it. A google search turned up ExhibitTrader and after looking over the web site I gave them a call. My conversations with Jason Wooten soothed any concerns I might have had. The no-cost assistance in getting the ad set up made everything easy. I put a good set of step-by-step set-up photos in a Word document and Jason handled the rest. The booth was sold within two months. I would not hesitate to work with ExhibitTrader again and can recommend them wholeheartedly."

Charles Mazel

"I have already recommended to an associate and it has only been one day since I sold our trade show display! When I was given the task of selling our booth I dreaded the idea. I had imagined all kinds of forms and information I would have to spend time working on. My experience was completely the opposite. All the steps, starting from the first phone call I made to sending the payment when the sale was finalized was an organized user friendly procedure of events. The person at who was responsible for this positive experience was Jason Wooten. He helped me every step of the way so I knew what I was doing. I could not be more pleased with Jason and the company he represents. Great work everyone!"

Susan Sudbrink
Two Rivers, WI

"Over the last few years we have used ExhibitTrader on more than a few occasions. I have to say that the support that we get and consequently the results have been nothing short of great! We have sold used exhibits and also client material using their service and every time we have received all of the help that we needed to get the job done. Jason and Donna are always on top of things, keeping me posted on expiration or advise to improve results or recent changes that might affect our listing. Very good stuff for those intend on getting things done with no headaches or issues!"

Gery G. Hunter
Hunter Expositions
Quebec, Canada

", you've done it again!!! Once more, you've created a real win/win situation by helping me find the perfect new home for a no-longer needed exhibit. As I've experienced in past listings with, Jason Wooten made the whole exercise not just easy, but downright fun! Thanks to all of you for helping exhibitors in this most practical manner!"

Gayle Cole
Exhibit Expert, LLC
Portland, OR

"We we're successful in contacting the seller and purchased the booth as advertised in the ad. I do appreciate your service, it was a great help to us."

Jeff Sampson
Gagne Inc.
Binghamton, NY

" helped me sell a booth and helped ease the process. Jason went above and beyond to make sure things went smoothly."

Heather Jennings
Tampa, FL

"Working with has been incredible! The people are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assist any way they can to finalize a sale. The entire process was easy and stress-free. We have sold (9) used exhibits ranging in size from a 10" x 20" to a 50" x 60" double-deck through their service. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell, buy or rent an exhibit!"

Renee Bishop
Vice President
Studio III

"My table top display has been sitting in my garage for years, as I'm now retired. Now that I'm downsizing I needed to find a way to sell it. Having only been used 3 days per year for 3 years it was in excellent shape to be repurposed. Craigslist and eBay were not working for an item like displays so I was fortunate to find Jason was more than helpful in answering all my questions and very enthusiastic in guiding me through the process. It only took a couple of weeks and I had two potential buyers! I was delighted to get asking price. is a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell trade show exhibits. I'd recommend them highly."

Megan Drake
Choice Rehab, Inc.

" is our #1 Trade show Booth resource. I cannot imagine a better, faster or more effective way to buy or sell tradeshow booths. Being new to the Industry, Jason Wooten was a complete life saver while I was in the market for our newest booth. He went above and beyond in every aspect and raised the bar for other companies and representatives. Jason also walked me through the listing process to get our original booth online. He checked in and followed up, making me feel extremely comfortable with the process. Exhibit Trader and Mr. Wooten made both the buying and selling process completely seamless and extremely easy. It's nice to find a company like Exhibit Trader and their employees like Jason, that are willing to go beyond "the standard".

Thanks again!

Meghan Hartigan
Sales & Marketing
Bass Security Services, Inc.

"DL Wholesale has purchased and also sold tradeshow booths at Both the purchase process and sale process were extremely quick and easy. They assisted us in searching for a booth that fit our company best. When we out grew our booth they helped us sell it quickly. They even assisted in creating our posting and getting it on their website right away. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell used tradeshow booths."

Donald LaRosa
DL Wholesale
Livermore, CA

" was a great resource for us when we sold our used tradeshow booth. They were very supportive and helpful, and did everything they could to help us make the sale. I would highly recommend!"

Ann Baty
Marketing Communications Manager
T-System, Inc.

" has been a pure delight to work with from day one. In fact, I was skeptical about using a non-local trade show booth provider as I had confidence in working with vendors who were local. In fact, ExhibitTrader probably kept me more up to date than my local vendor ever did during the process. It was clear that my representative, Lindsay Rogowicz, took an interest in our project and was always available to answer my many questions. The booth itself was delivered on time and packaged well. Our in-house booth preview was a success in that we had everything we needed to quickly put up the booth with the comprehensive instructions that were provided. And the graphics were absolutely perfect; which was difficult as we had a line in each graphic that spanned across all 5 images used for our booth. Therefore, this line had to be in the same position in each and every graphic otherwise the continuity of the booth would have been compromised. Clearly, they took great care in this aspect alone with printing and trimming as every graphic was spot on accurate. even provided extra hardware in case a bolt ever gets lost down the road. (a nice touch). I would recommend to anyone looking for an quality product, an excellent experience AND an economical price. We will be using them again."

Steve Reeder
Marketing Manager

"Ferrini USA had a great experience from start to finish in working with in marketing and successfully finding a buyer for our display booth. I found them to be knowledgeable of the used display market and provided helpful guidance in assigning a current market value. More importantly, their website connected us with a quality company that was a serious buyer, resulting in a win-win for all involved. I highly recommend using as an effective tool for marketing and selling your display booth."

Mark Claver
National Sales Manager
Ferrini USA, Inc

"Listing our exhibit with was simple, straightforward, and effective. The staff is a pleasure to work with and made lots of good suggestions to get our booth SOLD. The free posting makes listing here a no-brainer."

Matt Ruiter
Velocity USA INC
Grand Rapids, MI

" provided us with the best exposure for selling our two story tradeshow property. Within weeks, we had numerous inquiries that resulted in a very quick and professional transaction at our asking price. I highly recommend for any and all used exhibit booth needs."

Jake Crockett
Sr. Events Planner - Corporate Tradeshows
Neustar, Inc.

"Jason Wooten, VP Sales and Business Development along with his team at took the time and have been very helpful in providing me with an estimate of what our exhibit system is worth and in the posting process. Our exhibit was sold in less than 2 months after listing. I am pleased with the effectiveness of selling through your site."

Theresa Wong
Executive Vice President
La Pointique Int'l Ltd./Oppo Medical Inc.

"I would like to send a quick note thanking and Jason Wooten for helping me sell our used exhibit. I had limited information and no pictures of the exhibit. Jason Wooten went above and beyond helping me gather information to get the most out of our add. The whole experience was positive. Thanks again to Jason for all of the help."

Kerry Hartsough
Beutler Corporation
McClellan, CA

"Placing the ad was easy from the get go with they were responsive when we had leads and do not bill until it's sold.. We will use them again!"

Joe Cherrie
Vice President
Nimlok Kentucky | Sign Crafters

"Finding I thought they seemed the perfect solution to sell my display. Still, as one should be with online services, I was skeptical so I called them to find out more. I spoke with Jason Wooten. Professional and courteous, willing to answer any question or concern I had about their service, he was knowledgeable about trade show displays in general, exceptionally so about the pre-owned display marketplace, and provided great recommendations for a successful sale. Though most of my concerns were allayed during this conversation I was still somewhat skeptical about how an actual sale would transpire. Still based on Jason's suggestions, and understanding the importance of good visuals in marketing, I thoroughly photographed my display and placed my ad on October 2, 2012. On October 19th I received the buying inquiry from a gentleman ready to make a purchase immediately. As may be evident I am the cautious type and the velocity was a bit disconcerting. However, as Jason mentioned would be the case in our first conversation, since I was able to directly speak with my potential buyer, as opposed to dealing through some middle-man as with other similar looking sites, this gave me the opportunity to research him and after a bit of due diligence on Linked In I discovered he was the owner of his company. Not surprising, Jason had also suggested this might be the case. He'd mentioned the ExhibitTrader audience was unique: Not on-line garage salers just looking for the lowest price but often those directly responsible for handling trade show or marketing duties in their respective companies whether they be the owner, CEO, CFO, trade show or marketing managers, etc. Suffice to say responsible, busy people who often need to make things happen quickly. Again relieved I was able to process and confirm the inquirers payment quickly, the pickup was arranged quickly, and the transaction was done...quickly.

I could not be happier with my experience with In addition to the successful sale working with friendly, informative, courteous people in an open and honest environment was... refreshing. I would highly recommend to anyone either looking to sell or buy great displays at a fraction of the cost of new. Their service, people, and results were first class."

Chris Fallentine
Oakdale, CA

"Working with was a breeze! The online account made it easy for us to upload photos and product information. Interested parties could get in touch with us instantaneously. I would definitely use again to purchase or sell a booth."

Heather Santos
Marketing Manager
Adder Corporation

"My experience with was one that was easy and profitable. It only took a description of our booth and just like that, it was posted immediately and sold in a short time. I worked directly with the buyer and the sale was final. I will definitely work through in the future."

Carol Schwickrath
Professional Education & Events Manager
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

" was a pleasure to deal with. We had listed our 20' x 20' custom trade show booth for sale on their website and within a week, we had an interested party. We successfully sold our old booth within 40 days of our ad going live. The listing process was a breeze, we simply provided Exhibit Trader with the images and the specs for our booth and they turned around and created a wonderful ad for us on their site. ET.C's team was a pleasure to deal with, my primary contact was Jason Wooten and I was extremely happy with the service I received. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in selling their used trade show booths."

Samira Tily
Marketing Specialist
On Center Software, Inc.

"Jason and the team at were great! I had a 30' x 30' booth that was built in 2007 wasting space in my warehouse until I decided to give them a call. 2 weeks later the booth was gone, I had a bunch of extra space in my warehouse and we got a nice chunk of working capital back in the old bank account. I would definitely recommend Exhibit Trader to anyone looking to buy or sell a tradeshow exhibit."

Sean Truttmann
Event Manager
DC, Quiksilver, Roxy

"Players Travel has ordered from Jason Wooten and several times over the last 8 years and we have always received truly outstanding customer service. Our first booth was 10x20 reconditioned pop-up and we still use it today. Jason answered all of our questions when trying to figure out how to pick a booth, graphics and layout. As our first purchase, we were apprehensive. But Jason helped us figure out what we wanted, brought it to life and kept us under budget. Now, we're ordering from them again and it's the same excellent service all over again. We're getting new panels and and using a whole new process. The folks at are easy to get ahold of, to talk with and to get great products from. I highly recommend to any small business that represents at trade shows that you start and end your search at Exhibit Trader for great exhibit products, great pricing and exceptional customer service."

Chris Kissner
ProCntr, Inc

" worked seamlessly and nearly effortlessly for us. We had been trying to sell our old trade show booth through various other channels and couldn't even give it away. Once we posted on Exhibit Trader we were getting bites with in weeks and the booth was sold within 4 months time. We were put in direct contact with the buyer to work out terms and the rest is history. I highly recommend their service - the commission rate is very reasonable. If I had known about before buying our new booth, I most assuredly would have gone through them for a purchase as well."

Scott Henning
Art Director
Champion Power Equipment

"When I found myself with this used display unit, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. After looking at a few sites on the Internet, I found and then I knew! Uploading pics and information was as simple as could be. The advantages of a well know site surely paid off as I received multiple inquiries on my unit and it sold pretty quickly. Thanks for offering such a great service. I'll definitely use you again if I find myself in similar circumstances."

Del Calkins
Portland, OR

" made selling our old tradeshow booth a piece of cake! My contact through the company was excellent in assisting us with putting all of the appropriate information in our ad so that our booth was extremely marketable. He helped point out all of the very important areas that buyers are going to be interested in that we may not have thought of. Anytime I got an e-mail from an individual regarding our booth for sale, I had a call from my contact at ExhibitTrader within 10 mins. EXCELLENT customer service! We sold our booth in less than month. I definitely plan on recommending to others and using them for all of our future tradeshow needs!"

Tiffany Dziak
Marketing Coordinator
ScottCare Corporation

"It is with great pleasure that I'm taking a few moments to tell you how happy we are with all aspects of our experience with From the first contact with Jason to the close of the sale of our two display booths, things ran smoothly and the transaction was completed without any issues. Be assured I would recommend Thank you so much for all your help!"

Art Bond
Westport Group, Inc.

"I had a great experience using to help sell an old booth for one of our clients. The account reps were very helpful with all of my questions and we were able to sell the exhibit.."

Aaron Wilson
Account Manager
Novak Birch

"After a recent upgrade to our show booths, we found ourselves setting on our used booths that we had spent over 15,000.00 for. We found and decided to list our used booths with them. The process was very simple and in a matter of a few minutes we had them listed. They even called and made some suggestions to change our add and in a matter of a couple weeks we had them sold. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to sell their existing show booths. The entire experience was so simple but most importantly, very successful. Thank you"

Dan Fox
National Sales Manager
ROLAIR Compressors

"The process and the way got the listing and help promote the exhibit were great. We had to only fill out your forms and you did the rest. It was easy to work with the system and once we were talking to a potential buyer, it was smooth sailing. Thanks again for having this service out there for both exhibit houses and exhibitors. I would definitely use you again on the next exhibit someone puts up for sale."

John Rose
JC Rose & Associates, Inc

"We have found be a great resource for us! We have many great booths collecting dust in our warehouse and provides an exceelent platform to find those properties a new home."

Kathleen Rossi
Encompass Exhibits
Las Vegas, NV

"IFMG had an exhibit that was so old that its primary function seemed to be costing us storage fees -- I'd been with the company for almost two years and had never even set eyes on the thing. I contacted about listing it for us, and Jason Wooten responded immediately to guide me through the process of posting and describing what we had to offer. In the end it took us more than six months to sell because of the age and the nature of the display, but Jason stuck with it. He reached out to me periodically to advise me on price reductions to keep the display competitive, and when we finally got a nibble, he answered all of my and the buyer's questions quickly and thoroughly. His enthusiasm in during the whole process makes me wish I had another one to sell. I can definitely recommend using for selling tradeshow displays and hope to work with Jason and his team again in the future."

Amy Taggart
Marketing Manager
Interactive Financial Marketing Group

"Jason, I wanted to take a minute to share my experience with I have been representing companies at trade shows for over 20 years. I have a great deal of experience with various booth structures and had a good idea what I was looking for. From our first conversation, I was impressed with your professionalism and resources. I found the booth that I wanted at a very fair price. I was able to purchase the booth, re-image, and remain under budget all with your assistance. I have purchased several booths from other manufactures and this transaction was the smoothest. Thank you for all your efforts."

Mike Birdsell
Sales Manager

" seems to attract interested buyers and quickly too. We were both amazed and pleased that leads (and the sale) came soon after loading the booth information on the website. Jason was so helpful and encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate to work with to sell or buy a booth."

Susan R. Young
National Sales Manager
MiniLand Education

"It was a pleasure to work with Cherie Word of She was always helpful in explaining every detail as we were a first time buyer of a display. Our graphics designer had no issues with sending the graphics to their art department and everything went like clockwork. We are very pleased."

Lalith Guy Paranavitana
Empire Tea Services LLC
Columbus, IN

"We recently lost all of our internal marketing people to other opportunities and I was left to prepare for our largest tradeshow of the year with no support and a broken booth from the year before. Lindsay and saved the day. I was able to acquire a new booth at the lowest cost I could find. They delivered everything with time to spare. The end result was one of the best shows we've ever done. Thanks to Lindsay Rogowicz our Display Consultant, with your help I looked like a genius."

Longin Kloc
Salamander Technologies, Inc.
Traverse City, MI

"Thanks again for all your help. You really went above and beyond to get my booth sold and I really appreciate it!"

Tara Martin
Vixen's Mixens
Hermiston, OR

" was very helpful in selling our used trade show exhibit. I am not sure I would have know where to start without their input."

Mike Paul
Hopkins, MN

"I was very pleased with the product display, representation and follow-up by I will definitely use the next time I am interested in purchasing a new or used trade show booth."

Bob Parsons
Marketing Dept
Polycoat Products

"Selling our trade show booth through was a very efficient and quick process. We were given a great deal of valuable support from our representative, Jason Wooten, and from agreement to listing to closing out our sale, everything went very smoothly and without obstacle or error. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Kim Epstein
Marketing Assistant

"Having the task of building an event set from scratch was a daunting task, as I had no previous experience. After searching on the web I came across ExhibitTrader.Com. From the moment I started talking with Display Consultant Cherie Word, I knew this was the place to be. From start to finish Cherie could not have been more helpful and attentive to my needs. Making suggestions, reminding me of deadlines and guiding me on what would be the perfect display that fits within our budget. Not only did we get what we wanted, but having the peace of mind knowing there is now a go to for all of needs who we can rely on. Thank you Cherie Word and ExhibitTrader, you truly are a world leader!"

Todd Schreiner
Event Marketing Manager

"I had a wonderful experience with Not only did they provide leads and help me sell my old booth, but I found great prices on their new trade show booths and of course, the best customer service. Can't wait to assemble our new display at our next tradeshow!"

Patrick Hopper
OpenSystems Media, LLC.
St Clair Shores, MI

"We listed our trade show displays for sale on a number of websites, without success. Then we discovered After posting an ad on, we received inquiries from qualified leads, and sold our displays for a reasonable price."

Justin Horey
Vice President of Marketing
Church Development Fund, Inc.

"As a first-time booth buyer, we contacted Jason Wooten with who helped explain the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing new vs. pre-owned, modular vs. custom vs. truss, and in the end helped us select the best booth for our needs. Jason was patient and eager to share his knowledge and experience, and we will certainly be recommending his services in the future. Thanks again!"

Steve Dudkiewicz
Maury Microwave Corporation
Ontario, CA

" made selling our tradeshow booth quick and easy. Everyone at was a pleasure to work with. Emails were responded to promptly. Jason in sales gave valuable feedback on how to best price and sell our tradeshow booth. And, he certainly knows his stuff because our booth sold for the full asking price in just 3 weeks! Thank you so much!"

Sharon Games
CAF Environmental Solutions
Maple Valley, WA

" made selling our used trade show booth extremely easy. Their customer service agents were very courteous, helpful and prompt in returning my emails and phone calls. Email inquiries were sent directly to my email leaving me to deal directly with the purchaser. I would recommend this service to anyone trying to sell their used trade show display materials!"

Jim Moryan
Allegro Industries
Piedmont, SC

"We had posted our trade show booth on Craigslist and eBay but had absolutely no luck for a few weeks. Just when we were going to give up trying to sell it, we tried posting it on and they got it sold in less than ONE WEEK! made the process very simple and their service is professional and friendly. Thank you!!!!"

Bertha Arias
Santa Monica, CA

"The Trade Show booth we bought from looks great. Thanks for your help in putting this together. It's the best looking booth at the show!"

Chris Maune
Silicon Valley Site Services
San Jose, CA

" was very professional and supportive. If I had to do it again I would certainly call you first!!!"

John Hendricks
De Pere, WI

" made selling my trade show display easy. I had never sold one before and they assisted me through the entire process and facilitated the transaction. Someone was always available to answer questions and help. There isn't a better or easier way to sell or buy an exhibit display than with I am very satisfied with doing business with them and highly recommend this company, staff and their services!"

Diana Miller
Abercrombie, Simmons & Gillette, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

"The Pop Up Trade Show Display up went up without a hitch, the LED lights work great and the table cloth Rocks. Thanks for all your kind help."

Stephen Mawdsley
Reel Crazy
Mill Bay, BC, Canada

"I wanted to reach out to everyone at to thank you for your help with selling my Trade Show Booth. I worked directly with Jason Wooten. Not only was Jason professional and courteous, but he went out of his way to answer questions for both myself as well as the buyer, ensuring a smooth and comfortable sale. I would highly recommend Exhibit Trader and would definitely use them again!"

Chris Johnson
American Properties Group LLC
Naples, FL

" makes the process of selling your old marketing materials as simple and economical as possible. With superb customer support, a simple web interface and payment only when you've sold your unit, there isn't a simpler or more effective way to target buyers actually interested in buying your used tradeshow materials. Don't waste time anywhere else."

BioNano Genomics
Philadelphia, PA

"I found to be very helpful, the communication was great. There was followup by Exhibit Trader after every inquiry and post follow up. I would highly recommend for any sales or purchases of Trade Show Booths.!"

Dale W. Flint
Iron Will Innovations Canada Inc.
Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

"I was extremely pleased to work with Exhibit Trader. Their staff was very helpful, the process for creating my ad and uploading the photos was very easy, and we sold our exhibit!"

Theresa Cooper
The ASU Group
Okemos, MI

"Everything is great! Kiosk is HUGE and looks great! Very professional, clean and smooth. ABSOUTELY FREAKING LOVE the display. Like you said, the photos are CRYSTAL CLEAR and look AWESOME. Thanks for everything!"

David Dugatkin
Felix Unger Photography
New Paltz, NJ

"It is not often I write to compliment a company on their recommendations, but I am writing to tell you that we really enjoy our VitalSignals booth, especially the material you recommended and graphics you generated for our display. They Really POP!!!! We think they are terrific."

Jerry Hahn
VitalSignals Enterprises

" worked flawlessly. We received several bona fide inquiries into our trade show booth during the selling period and once sold, they facilitated the transaction in a helpful and efficient manner. I would definitely recommend their services."

Thomas Smith
VP Marketing and Product Development
Twist Body Brands

" made buying an exhibit a breeze. My rep, Cherie Word, helped me through every step of the process, from selecting the right booth to producing the graphics. The customer service and support was outstanding. I would recommend Exhibit to anyone needing a new or used exhibit."

Mike Hanley
Powell Water Recovery
San Francisco, CA

"The quality of service provided and of products delivered by proved outstanding. The two banner stands I received are solidly constructed, and the weight and packaging allow easy mobility and set up. Graphic images on the banners themselves are rendered in clear, crisp images. The up-front pricing was reasonable and there were NO add-on fees; what was promised was what was delivered - and on time. Business with this company was a pleasure."

Alene H. Harris, Ph.D.
Research Asst. Professor of Education
Vanderbilt's Peabody College

"When I first decided to order a pop up display I wasn't really sure as to what I wanted or what was allowed in a tradeshow booth. Cherie Word was exceptional in helping me, she told me what were the restrictions on my certain tradeshow I was planning and went out of her way for me to better understand what I needed. If it wasn't for her help I wouldn't of been able to make up my mind in what I needed to order. The product I ordered was shipped in an extremely timely manner and she also followed up with me when I received it. I will definitely be ordering from her in the future for any of my tradeshow needs, it was a pleasure working with her."

Shinnai Plummer
Pathfinder Systems, Inc.
Arvada, CO

"Beta Max Hoist was successful in selling our Used Trade Show Exhibit through the The site is user friendly and the reporting of leads timely and accurate. Thank you for providing this needed service."

Richard Fant
General Manager
Beta Max Hoist, Inc.

"After ordering Two(2) 10x10 displays from I couldn't be happier with the price and service received. Not only was the service provided by "Cherie Word" some of the best customer service I have experienced, the follow-up from her to provide delivery information was outstanding. We received the displays much faster than we anticipated. We will certainly use again when the need arises. The prices and service can't be beat!"

Rich Hahn
Sales Manager
Lake Gaston Resort

"The seller contacted me right away thou I was out of town at the time. I did contact them when I got back and purchased the booth on 9/30/11. The display was exactly as was stated in the add and I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks again!"

Jeffrey G. Beckley
Plantation, FL

" worked GREAT!"

Marygrace Quigley
Label Technology
Merced, CA

"The Exhibit Trader team is the best! They helped us sell our booth and walked me through every step of the way providing nothing short of excellent customer service. We could not have done it without you!."

Marketing Coordinator

"Our business evolved from one that favored large end-user style exhibits and tradeshows to one that focused on partner activities and smaller more numerous events - our booth, while impressive, no longer suited our needs. We found while researching potential new booths. We were able to list our current booth and create a new booth using their listings along with a few new components that they also supplied. Working with them has been great. Companies' tradeshow requirements are always changing, and you want a high-quality booth yet you want to be able to change direction without losing the recognition of a top-notch display. For us, was the perfect solution. I'd recommend them to anyone needing exhibits."

Richard Turner
Content Analyst Company
Reston, VA

"Thank you so very much for your consistent and lightning fast responses at each step of this process. We could not have done it without you. Many thanks!"

Alexandra Anwyl-Davies
Instant Software
Basalt, Colorado

"We sold our 10'x 20' inline display within 90 days for 95% of our asking price."

John Grubb
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Cetis, Inc.

"I couldn't be happier with our purchase from Communication was excellent and transaction went smoothly. We got a great deal and our tradeshow display arrived quickly!"

Erin Kocab
Marketing Manager
Bianchi USA, Inc.

"We received the art and the one case sent to us. Everyone was very impressed with the print quality! Thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process. You made this all an easy process and I am extremely thankful for all of your help!"

Erin Gainous
Advanced Rx Management
San Ramon, CA

" provided an efficient outlet to sale our booth. From the moment it was posted until the time we sold the booth, our account representative provided excellent customer service. He knew the industry and knew what it took to make the sale. He took every initiative to make the most out of every buyer's inquiry. We are extremely thankful that we posted our ad and our booth is now sold."

Jennifer Bailey
Marketing Coordinator
Maxxis International-USA

"I have partnered with for the last 5 years and the results have been fantastic. The service is a great way to connect buyers and sellers of new and used trade show properties at below market prices. In addition, we have serviced many rental projects as a direct result of their listing options. pioneered this marketplace and there is no close second place player."

Loren Ellis
Senior Account Executive
Cyclonix, Inc.

"Exhibit Trader provided us with the exposure necessary to get our booth SOLD!"

Rebekah Bryant
Marketing Coordinator
Sarnoff Court Reporters & Legal Technologies

"I wanted to send you some feedback regarding the sale of our booth using The process was very simple -- after we got you pictures and specs, the booth was listed on your site and we started getting inquiries and ultimately sold it. You made the process quick and painless all for a fair fee. We appreciate all of the assistance and great customer service. Keep up the great work. We will recommend you to anyone needing this service."

Dan Ribar
1st Guard Corporation

"Once it became clear that we wouldn't be finding the right booth for the right price, we turned to I was a little concerned that we wouldn't meet our deadline in time for a particular event. We had just about one month to buy the booth, change the graphics, and arrange for shipping. Lindsay at worked some major magic, because it actually happened! Not only did we meet the deadline, but our booth looked FANTASTIC and the graphics appeared just as I had envisioned! Thank you Lindsay!"

Jessica C.
Executive Assistant
FocusMicro, Inc.

"I Was in the market for a 10x10 trade show booth back in 2009, and came across after searching the web. Once I selected a both I was interested in, pretty much took it from there. Understanding I did'nt know much about how to purchase, what accessories needed, etc, helped me through the whole process, very quickly, and answered all my questions, I had many. In the end I ended up with a great booth with a custom sign, all accessories I needed with no problems and I was ready to go. Even better was when I changed jobs and needed to sell my booth in 2011, Exhibit Trader picked up where we left off, educated me on the booth selling market, and helped me list the booth through their site. I was able to sell the booth at a reasonable price very quickly. They listed my booth, tracked potential buyers, and helped follow up. Before you purchase a new booth, or even if you purchase a new booth, I highly recommend you work with They approach things honestly and upfront from buying a booth to selling one. They really know whats going on when it comes to trade show booths. In the process I learned Exhibit Trader is genuinely interested in making and keeping long time customers, not trying to just sell booths."

James Scarlett
Irivne, CA

"Our Account Executive, Lindsay Rogowicz, and the team at worked with us to provide a 20 x 20 trade show display design that would suit our needs. The finished stand gave us an attractive, modern look that set us apart. We were very impressed with the ease of assembly and breaking down the booth."

Nick Darker
Mediwatch USA
West Palm Beach, FL

" helped to attract several buyers for our booth, and connect us with them. We in turn were able to recoup a considerable amount of our investment back. We appreciate the dedication and attention to details that the team at Exhibit Trader expended, they truly displayed an exemplary approach to business."

Roy Greenberg
President & CEO

"3 years after purchasing our 20' x20' tradeshow booth, it was time to get rid of it. I had no idea where to start, I thought the best thing would be to throw it away but then someone said, why don't you try to sell it? I goggled used trade show booths and came across Exhibit Trader. I called their help line and Jason helped me right away. He asked me information about my booth, and my response was, "I don't know, I've never seen it put together." Jason said, "Don't worry, send me the information you have and I will let you know what you have." I sent the information over right away and within less than 12 hours, Jason had a posting on Exhibit Trader's website. In just 2 weeks, someone inquired about it and it was sold! This was one of the easiest processes I have ever been through, Jason was able to answer any questions the buyer or I had about the booth and with his help, the booth was sold!"

Stacy Eley
Fitness Together Franchise Corp.
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Posting my two story trade show booth with was the best move that I made. Jason and the rest of the crew are very well informed and have the highest quality customer service skills. I had posted my used booth with other websites before and didn't get any inquires or offers. From the moment I posted the ad, the offers began to pour in, which gave me the opportunity to pick the best offer, so that I made the best deal. I would definitely recommend posting any new or used booths with! If you want to get it sold, this is the site to work with!"

Caterina Varoni
Giorgio Cosani, Inc.
Commerce, CA

"My experience with was great. The staff was very helpful from the beginning of the process of selling our display to the end. I was very satisfied with the service Exhibit Trader provided and would recommend them in selling a used exhibit display!"

Jerry Carter
Sales Manager

"Persistence counts. I really thought we would never sell our stand but we did and was the perfect solution. We had various inquiries and it resulted in a sale. The customer service is really awesome too!"

Tina Barkley

Good morning,

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your employee, Stephanie Rogers, has been at helping me. She is professional, friendly, has the perfect sense of urgency and timing, and has helped me get exactly what I need. Even though we have had to re-order a sign because the color was off, she has not been irritated or annoyed with me (that I know of, anyway!) even though we approved the original proof that printed out in a color that was just a shade too light. For her, it has been all about getting us what we need when we need it, and I deeply appreciate that attitude at this time! Stephanie handles expectations extremely well and makes our work relationship personal by calling me when there is any urgency at hand instead of relying on email (which is a lovely and much appreciated touch). Stephanie represents in the most positive and professional light possible, and deserves a great deal of appreciation for her hard work and incredible professionalism.

Kindest regards,

Courtney Turner
Marketing & Community Manager
Aquasana Clearly Better Water

Dear Lindsay,

The banners we ordered came in and they look amazing. They are very high quality and easy to set up- exactly what we wanted. Thanks also for your exemplary customer service! Everything about the process from ordering to delivery was absolutely top-notch. There were no problems with the resolution or quality once so ever - but thanks for the heads-up anyhow. Next time I'll be more confident; We we'll definitely order things from you again.

Customer for life,

Wally Edwards
Electrix Illumination
New Haven, CT

"This was a seamless transaction and I would definitely recommend using to other companies wishing to buy or sell trade show display equipment."

Karen Harris
Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC
Willmar, MN

"I'd like to take this moment to tell you how great it was working with Everything about the experience was pleasant and uncomplicated. Jason was my initial contact and he did a wonderful job of explaining the terms and services associated with our transaction. In addition, each of my follow-up inquiries was promptly answered - great customer service! Our thanks to everyone at!"

Eileen H. Easler
E2 Exhibits & Displays, Inc.

" was the perfect solution for us. We had a great trade show booth with many components and no time and way to sell it ourselves. They helped us every step of the way, from figuring out how to price it to listing it to selling it. We were very happy with the outcome and their service."

Sarah Swidron
Director of Marketing

"I listed my booth three times on Craigslist and it didn't sell. I listed it on ExhibitTrader and was surprised at how quickly it sold and for almost three times what I was asking on Craigslist."

Barb Prince
San Jose, CA

"I wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with how fast, easy and smooth everything went with the recent sale of our Trade Show Display built by Freeman Exhibits. The exposure provided by far surpasses other venues available and allowed us to sell our booth in less than 5 days. I would highly recommend using if you want to sell your trade show exhibit fast and to a professional audience."

Abhi Vyas
Marketing Director
MetroMedia Technologies

"Thank you for helping me sell our tradeshow booth. I have never sold a booth before and you helped make the process very simple. The folks at are extremely helpful and work hard to sell your booth. Not sure if I could have done it without ET.C!"

Thank you again!!

Theresa Hillsdale
Marketing Coordinator
Williams Sound, LLC

"Being in the business of working with clients to gather customer satisfaction feedback, I am always attuned to the level of service I receive. After looking for a used trade show display booth for several days, I came across I immediately found a listing that fit our needs and contacted the seller. I received a note from Jason Wooten to see if I needed any help before the seller even responded. Unfortunately, we were too late in our bid for that particular display. Jason followed up and asked how everything went. When I told him I was still looking, he went out of his way to FIND me what I needed. He gave me options for used as well as new displays in our price range. He then told me about a new listing that had just come in the day before, and he stayed on the phone with me while we looked at the display. It was exactly what we were wanting and have made an agreement with the Seller to purchase it today. The professionalism Jason showed was outstanding, but his concern that I find what I needed and his determination that I would find it, was above and beyond the service levels you normally see today. I will definitely use Jason and in the future, whether to buy or sell."

Linda Cox
UniFocus, L.P.
Dallas, TX

" made it possible for us to sell our trade show booth. Without I have no idea how we would have sold the booth. They where on top of the process all the way assisting us in a number of different ways. Thanks ET.C."

Gary Cook
Tucson, AZ

"15 months ago, I had a an exhibit company design a new 20x20 booth for us that was going to cost $80,000. It was nice, but I was not 100% happy with it. I searched the internet for booths that better fit the concept I had in mind and came across Here, I found a booth that was much more like what I was envisioning, had only been used twice, and was only $25,000! I spent another $5'000 on changes to make it EXACTLY what I wanted, saving me at least $50,000! This past month I came back to to sell my original 10x10 that we had replaced with the above. I couldn't be happier with the whole process. They were very hands-on, helping me get my listing setup correctly, giving me tons of pointers on how to describe it, and following up with each inquiry. It sold in just a few weeks for the price I was asking. is an awesome service! Jason Wooten in particular was just fantastic to work with on both my purchase and my sale. Thank you guys for all you do!"

Rob Wenger
Higher Logic
Washington, DC

"We are thrilled! was great, easy to work with, and sold our booth in under two weeks! We will definitely contact you again, when the need arises. Thanks again"

Susan Migliore
PhotoBureau, Inc.
New York, NY

"Working with Jason has been an absolute pleasure. He was easy to talk to and email with, knowledgeable, and accessible. I was extremely satisfied with my experience and will use them in the future."

Katelin Geleszinski
Boston Environmental
Waltham, MA

"As the newly formed US division of a UK company, we inherited a 10x10 exhibit booth which was costing a lot of money to store at a professional exhibit house. The decision was made to sell it - but how? eBay? Craig's List? A quick trip to Google led me to where I got a quick estimate of the exhibit's market value. I found the site on Thursday, talked to ET people on Friday, submitted paperwork on Monday, assembled the ad and posted it on Tuesday, an inquiry came in on Wednesday morning and by 2PM that afternoon the booth was sold, cash in the bank. I know the Internet is a powerful selling medium but that was incredibly fast. And my company could not be happier. Thanks,"

Lee Mulder
OSC Marketing Consultants
VetCell Americas

"Without my trade show display would still be collecting dust in the corner. Thanks for working with me and the many price adjustments to get this display sold."

Dean C. Temple
Shrewsbury, MA

"Unbelievable!! We posted our 20x20 trade show booth on and in less than 48 hour, the booth was sold! I can't thank Jason Wooten enough for guiding me to a successful sell. He had excellent advice and was there answering any questions I had. Thanks again Jason and!!"

Jamie V. Maxwell
Integrated Broadband Services
Kennesaw, GA

"I wanted to say thank you! Although there are tons of used booths for sale on the market, your site helped us sell our 20 x 20 within 30 days, and at the price we wanted. Thanks so much!"

Richard Klein
Klein Electronics

"We are very pleased with the results from They came highly recommended from our Exhibit Services Provider and did not dissapoint. Set up was fairly easy, and what help we needed was done promptly by their staff. Jason Wooten gave us very good "best practices" information and our booth sold quicker than we thougth it would."

Joe A. Martinez
Encon Safety Products

"As a marketing professional selling a Tradeshow Exhibit, I had a positive experience with Everyone I contacted was helpful throughout the entire process. Beginning with how the exhibit should be initially listed, to what buyers were interested and finally in how to make the final deal. I'm happy to say the exhibit has been successfully sold through All of the assistance has been greatly appreciated. Thank you."

Andrea Hogg
Marketing Specialist
Communications Test Design Inc.

"We worked with Jason Wooten at and were amazed with how knowledgeable he was about our used exhibit. He was most helpful in assisting us with the write-up and advising us on what the potential sales price might be. One potential buyer had lots of questions which I was not able to answer, but an email to Jason did the trick; he responded promptly and thoroughly and enabled me to get back to the person very quickly. It was all so much easier than I thought it would be. I found Jason to be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and effective in helping us sell our exhibit. I am so glad we contacted and will do so again when the need arises."

David Horney
Mirro Products Co
High Point, NC

"It is easy to be leery of selling/buying used goods directly from other consumers. But with that apprehension can be greatly decreased. They work directly with both the seller and the buyer to facilitate a transaction built on safety measures."

Clayton M. Osborn
Osborn Capital
Brentwood, TN

" is the best way to sell your booth. Friendly service and easy to get set up. We sold our booth in the second week after it was posted. I highly recommend using!"

Blayne Frieden
Adplace Solutions
Tulsa, OK

"I wanted to sell our exhibit, but had no idea how to go about it. I assumed that the best chance was to use eBay. Not having any experience with that, I turned it over to my son. After doing some research on the Internet, he suggested that I post the exhibit on instead. Well, the short story is that the exhibit sold in a few weeks after we posted it on ExhibitTrader and we got our asking price! Jason at was a huge help and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Jason!"

Bob Parise
St. Paul, MN

"My company decided to sell 2 convention booths that we no longer needed and after a little research on-line we decided to list them with We of course had no idea about selling used convention booths so we were trusting that would help bring potential buyers to us. Even though we listed them the week of Thanksgiving, we still managed to get at least one inquiry a day from potential buyers. We got our full asking price and couldn't be happier with the response our listing received. Thanks to for helping us find a buyer quicker than we could have imagined."

Nik Stokes
GAINSCO Auto Insurance
Dallas, TX

"Working with was so easy. Jason helped us every step of the way, including pricing the exhibit. We received several inquiries within 3 months of listing the exhibit display and was able to sell our booth for a fair price, thanks to"

Charles Yacoobian
Racebricks Memorabilia
Canoga Park, CA

"We posted a 10' folding panel system on 9/29, we sold it yesterday, 10/26. The paperwork takes a little work to complete, but ultimately the description is what helps the sale happen. Jason has been really helpful and he was right on with recommending a sell price. We just listed another similar system...Exhibit Trader works!"

Richard Constant
CDI Group, Inc.
Linden, NJ

"The site and service is great! I would definitely recommend the site to others and will use the site again! Thanks again for your help!"

Sylvia Kim
Farmingdale, NY

"We just finished the show with the booth we bought through and we could not be any happier. We will be purchasing another exhibit next week when the powers that be are back in town!"

Allan Brown
Ontario, Canada

"I have worked with for almost 4 years now and have never been disappointed. Great products and pricing combined with outstanding personal service and support keep me coming back!"

Kathy R.
Sales & Marketing
Del Medical

"What a quick sale! I was surprised at how well your site worked since there was so much more competition from similar units compared to other venues like eBay or Craig's List. Much appreciated."

Robert Ross
Adventures Marketing, LLC
Lake Worth, Florida

"After unsuccessfully selling my banner stands on EBAY & my local Craigslist, helped with a targeted listing, professional appearance & impressive results. I sold all of my banner stands in just a short amount of time & for more $$$ than i was asking on the other sites. Thanks to Chad & Donna for all of their help & acumen."
Cincinnati, OH

"Placing an ad on ExhibitTrader is quick and easy! They helped me connect with several buyers, one who bought our exhibit property."

Karen Andrus-Hughes
Marketing Manager
Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods

"Many thanks to in facilitating the sale of our used booth. Your on-line system is easy to use and personnel, great to work with. Thanks for a painless process and successful sale."

Sylvia Wildauer
InSync Marketing
Phoenixville, PA

" was an excellent resource for selling our company's exhibit that was no longer used. The only inquiries received were those from serious bidders and our 2nd contact led to our sale! The consignment sale option was the draw as no outlay of cash was needed. Thank you to for such a smooth transaction!"

Kristy Faulhaber
Sales Administration
San-Mar Laboratories, Inc.

"In today's economy, selling unneeded items like an exhibit can be tough. made it easy and fast. Their staff was helpful and attentive and I would definitely use them again."

Mike Willis
DWH Brands

"Thank you EXHIBITTRADER.COM for your professionalism and assistance in selling our tradeshow booth. I found your website to be helpful and easy to use, and your staff has always been readily available to answer any questions. I have not only purchased and sold a booth from your site, I have also referred you to several others with success. It is a pleasure to work together with people and a company of integrity. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Most Sincerely,"

Ed Clydesdale
CNI Distribution

"After 23 years, I had to shut down my business. I had lots of things to sell off including a nice, large 10' by 20' trade show booth that we successfully used many times. However, given that we were in the depths of "The Great Recession", I had no success selling it locally or through conventional print ads. Then I turned to the They listed my trade show booth with no up front costs and kept it posted until it sold. I got several responses from the listing with and ultimately reached an acceptable selling price not long ago. If you have a trade show booth you need to buy or sell, I would highly recommend If I ever need a trade show booth again, now I know where I need to go."

Bill Dugdale
Dugdale Properties LLC

" offered a quick and easy way to resell our tradeshow booth. We posted the ad, had an inquiry 5 days later, and sold the booth 2 weeks later. The process and service couldn't have been better."

Diana Abbott
LiteSentry Corporation

"Our booth was one of the booth's that are not you ordinary dime a dozen. It was a unique sitting with in the mist of thousands of others. But with they found us a unique buyer looking for a unique booth. There user interface was so easy to use and created an amazing classified ad in no time at all. They went out of there way with unparallel customer service and follow up to make everything simple. If I ever meet anyone trying to sell a booth I would only recommend Thank you for such a pleasurable experience."

Justin McElwee
Metro Media Entertainment LLC.
Northridge, CA

"Had I known it would be this fast and easy to sell my display I never would have donated my old display to charity a few years ago!"

Greg Tullo
SE Associates, Inc.
Raleigh, NC

" made the whole process of selling the booth so easy - they posted the pictures for us, and we got several qualified leads in almost no time. We ended up selling the booth quickly and for the price we were looking for."

Dan Olson
National Sales Manager
Pixie Mate/Third Street Chai

"I just wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with the trade show booth we purchased through your web site. I had been looking for a couple of months for a used tradeshow booth. I finally found your web site and within 15 minutes I found what I had been looking for. It happened to be at a local business in my area. We would have had to pay anywhere between 26k - 30k for the booth we purchased for a $1,000. We couldn't be happier, and I am so glad I found your site. Thanks for all the help."

Karen Breyette
Minnetonka, MN

"We had our doubts that our 10x20 wooden booth would sell due to tough economic times, but within one week of posting the ad on, we had inquiries which resulted in the selling of our booth. It was quick, easy and pain-free - pretty much the opposite of what we expected. aided in the smooth transition of posting the ad, working with potential buyers and closing the deal. I would recommend this to anyone looking to sell their booth."

Amanda Murphy
Tradeshow Coordinator
Carmel Pharma

"In just a few weeks after listing our award-winning booth on, we had a buyer! In an economy where it is tough to find buyers for anything, Exhibit Trader was able to help us do so successfully. We had our booth listed for months on eBay and Craig's List with no bites. Thank you for assisting us in selling our booth."

Shanna Johnson
Sweetfields, Inc.

"I just received my table top display I ordered. The seller responded promptly, answered my questions when I called him and I received my display with in 3 days after my order. I am very pleased with the service. I've referred your website to our local Chamber of Commerce as they will be holding their first Business Expo this fall and also with our local Builders Assoc. to share with members and vendors at our Home Show this spring. Thanks,"

Cap Wallrich
Wallrich Insurance

"I wanted to let you folks know how pleased we were with how fast, easy and smooth everything went with the recent sale of our Used Trade Show Display System. At first we tried selling on Craigslist with absolutely no success. The exposure provided by far surpasses other venues available and allowed us to sell our booth in less than thirty days. I would highly recommend using Exhibit Trader if you want to sell your used trade show equipment fast and to a professional audience."

Julie Andrews
Security Source
Wilmington, Mass

"I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how pleased Marketechs is with your company and the service you provide. We have numerous Trade Show Booths that are no longer needed by a customer for one reason or another, and we have had no luck trying to sell them on our own. With we found the listing process to be very simple and easy; we found the support and notification system to be very efficient and we found the payment process to be fair. Thanks for your continued support and help with the sale of our used Trade Show Exhibits!"

Ed Ferderbar

"It was very quick and easy to list our trade show booth for sale on and we sold our both in under a month without any issue! Our contact at, Jason Wooten, always replied to my emails quickly and was instrumental in our success. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell a trade show booth!"

Sae Sunada
Raytex USA Corporation
Portland, OR

" made selling my used trade show booth extremely simple. They helped me set up my ad, advised me on a selling price, and was very prompt in returning my emails and phone calls. Email inquiries are sent direct to you email leaving you to deal direct with the purchaser. It could not have been more simple and I would recommend this service to anyone trying to sell their used trade show materials."

Chris Hildebrand
RC Products
Vancouver, BC

"WesTech had used our award winning booth for many years, and finally bought a new property from a local exhibit house. The older booth was still in fine shape, and ready for an easy make-over for a new company to use. Salt Lake is a small market however. The solution was was easy to work with, responsive, and resulted in a sale. We had many people look at the property on their site, and has really positioned themselves as one of the primary go-to sites for the industry. We appreciate their service, and will use them again"

Marshall Palm
Trade Show Manager
WesTech Engineeing, Inc.

"As a small business owner, wearing multiple hats is part of the job. Exhibit Trader made one part of my life easier. By allowing me to shop on line, choose a booth that fits my needs, and then order it via helpful and friendly personnel, Exhibit Trader streamlined this process. The booth arrived ahead of schedule and in the stated condition - excellent. I would strongly recommend their product and services."

Jeff Johnson
Zoombaj, LLC

"We were on the verge of paying to send our booth to a landfill... Thanks to we sold it instead. Now we're environmentally conscious and we earned a nice profit!"

Melissa Sider
Academy Practice Director
DARC Corporation

"Selling trade show exhibits is uncharted territory for us, but with the clientele and expertise that had, it was a no brainer for our company. From day one exhibited nothing but professionalism and introduced us to multiple prospects allowing us to move our exhibit painlessly and ultimately very inexpensively. We would recommend them highly!"

Sean T. Wuller
Vice President
Big & J Industries, LLC

"We received the Abex 10' Pop Up Display today. My boss said that it is the best quality Pop Up Display compared to other pop up display products we have bought in the past."

Maiko Moki
Riken U.S.A. Corporation
Burlington, NJ

"We had a very good experience selling our trade show booth with ExhibitTradercom. We had several inquiries and basically sold the booth, over the phone, in about 10 minutes of phone conversation."

Eric Smith
Paper Wizard

"I wasn't sure how much market there was for used trade show booths, but I thought I would give a try. Much to my surprise my booth sold in 30 days! I will definitely use them again in 2010 for a larger booth."

Vickie Anderson
Sr. Marketing Promotions Specialist
Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

"We appreciate all your help. The web site and your staff were great, your staff was very quick to respond to our needs. We received our first inquire only two weeks after putting on the site and in this economy very surprised we sold it so fast. Thanks again"

Randy Renfro
National Sales Manager
American National Supply Inc.

"I was directed by a business associate to check out We had changed how and how often we were going to exhibit, and our current trade show booth just did not fit our new direction. It seemed like a shame to let a booth that had only been used a few times sit and gather dust, so we listed it with We were delighted to receive more than a half dozen requests to hear more about the booth, and in a few weeks, we had our first offer. Hats off to the team for making the process so easy."

Randy Wight
VP Sales and Marketing
The Daily Wellness Company

" was a great place for the recent sale of my Used Truss display System. The exposure surpasses other venues available and the pricing is reasonable. I tried other venues such as craigslist and eBay with no success. I would recommend using Exhibit Trader if you want to sell your used trade show equipment fast and to a professional audience."

Adam Bartoszek
Oak Creek, WI

"I'd like to thank Donna and Jason for all of their assistance with the listing of our 10x10 Tube Ultra display. The initial set-up process could not have been simpler, you did all the work. I was also surprised to see the ad up and running in less than 24 hours after I sent you the description, cads, and photos. Receiving the inquiries directly cut out a lot of time and red tape and your confirmation email assured me I received all questions and offers submitted. We were able to sell the booth in about 6 weeks! Thanks for a simple, seamless process with extraordinary customer focus!"

Robyn Stack
Skyline North
Macedon, NY

"Listing our Show Booth with Exhibit Trader was extremely easy. After supplying a picture and a description of our booth they posted our ad immediately. We had a number on inquires leading to the sale. All contacts were passed along quickly so that we could present any extra information a potential buyer might need. It was a piece of cake. I would recommend anyone interested in selling their used booth to contact"

Thanks again

Don Wills
Operations manager
Cahill Displays

"Everyone at has provided a great service. They have been very responsive and followed up on all inquires about my booth very professionally and efficiently. I would highly recommend Thank you all for helping me sell my booth!"

Heena Mistry
Sigma Systems
Ontario, CA

"Seamless Sale! I provided a picture and some information to the staff at and the booth sold the next day. Couldn't be happier!"

J. Matt Wells
StarChase, LLC
Virginia Beach, VA

"I have to admit, I resisted this site before, skeptical due to my previous attempts to move some of these retired exhibits on my own... Man was I wrong, 1 month and 2 out of 4 listed, SOLD....Go Figure. obviously has done their homework and has the exposure that moves exhibit properties. Thanks, I have 4 more almost ready to list!"

Mike Loheac
Dzign Displays
Chester, NJ

" was very easy to work with and made the whole process of getting our booth listed and sold quick and easy. I was also very pleased with the "guidance" we received as to the value of our booth. "

Tim Ray
Vice President Operations
KEYper Systems

"I would like to thank for the great service and assistance they provided. Our booth sold very quickly and at a great price. We had multiple inquiries and it was an extremely easy process to selling our booth. I would recommend to any of my colleagues. I will continue to use them for any buying and selling of tradeshow booths in the future."

Jill Givens
Director of Marketing
Liquid Motors Inc.

"As a company that makes products from eco-friendly materials and practices green principles, we're very grateful that has created a successful place for us to have sold multiple trade show assets that will go on to serve other Companies and their trade show needs instead of going to landfill. is a very GreenSmart company as far as we're concerned."

Tom Larsen
TD Innovations - GreenSmart

"I listed our exhibit on not really knowing what to expect. A few weeks later and here I am with cash in hand. My display sold quickly and simply. The process was easy and the cost was very reasonable. The company we sold the display to really got a good value, and I am going to use the income to invest in a new display that better fits our needs. ExhibitTrader worked great for us!"

Richard J. Hatton
E. L. Hatton Sales Co.

" is an excellent tool that allows us to provide a value added service to our clients. We can reach a much larger audience by using them and truly help our clients sell their previously owned displays. The few times that I have used have all been positive experiences. They get the potential leads to us right away and also follow up to make sure we’ve received them. I would highly recommend whether you are selling a used exhibit or in the market to buy one."

Jim Dykes
Account Executive
Renze Display

"I would like to thank everyone I dealt with at for the great service. Their quick response and follow up to any inquires about my booth were always handled in a professional and efficient manner. Always supportive and positive I was able to get sound advice on my many questions, never having sold a booth before. I would highly recommend and am thrilled that my booth has sold!!"

Katharine Hoogewerf

"I'd like to thank for there outstanding website and staff. As an Event Manager at a new position I located some exhibit booths in our warehouse that were not being used, except to gather dust. With I was able to take these properties, easily post them online and in the space of 4 months turn them into dollars. Plus doesn't just list your booth online, they are also there to assist with the sale, pricing recommendations, freight arrangements etc. Thanks!"

Joe Brown
Events Manager
Kee Action Sports

"I placed our company booth exhibit on your site a few weeks ago thinking if we received a few dollars for it within a few months, I'd be happy. Instead I received 4x the amount expected and it sold within 2 weeks time. exceeded all my expectations and the rate to sell the booth was more than reasonable!"

Angel Schell
Manager, Marketing Communications
AMETEK-Petrolab Company

"Before finding, I tried another web service to sell my booth. The listing process with the other company was extremely cumbersome, and it was very difficult to get feedback on the status of my sale. For three months, that other company set the price on my booth, and they were unable to sell it. When I reached out to, they were extremely helpful and the listing process was so easy. My sales rep even helped me to set a price that I thought was fair and would also allow me to sell the booth quickly. My rep continued to follow up with me, offering helpful advice. Best of all, I sold my booth in just a few weeks for a price that was higher than I thought I would get. I wish I had come to first!"

Heather Pitts
Director of Marketing
QSR Automations

"This is the only place to sell a pre-owned trade show exhibit on the web. Great people to work with and easy site to upload your booth information. Site has a view counter so you can see how many people have looked at your ad and you also get instant emails when a potential buyers has a inquiry or wants to make an offer. Our booth sold rather quickly."

Marc Schwartz
Vice President
Tag Mfg Co.

"We have listed four properties with and have received inquiries on all four. We have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of activity received on our properties we have for sale. We have recently sold one property for close to our asking price as a direct inquiry from the ExhibitTrader website. ExhibitTrader staff has been very helpful in the listing process. We will definitely continue to use the ExhibitTrader service."

Hal Ventres
Operations Manager
Essex Design & Display

Dear Exhibit Trader:

I am writting to let you know how much I appreciate your services. Because I had inherited our display and had never even seen it, I was nervous that I wouldn't know what to put in the description. You all stepped in and wrote the description for me. Then it was launched on your website and I had to do NOTHING except wait. After only three inquiries, it was sold! The sale relieved our storage issues, it didn't end up in a landfill and someone else is able to use a perfectly good display that just no longer met our needs. Turns out I have another one that I also am going to need to sell. I will most definitely be using Exhibit Trader again. Thanks Again!!

ATTUS Technologies
Charlotte, NC

"It worked like a dream! I found online when I was trying to sell our trade show booth cabinets. I wasn't hopeful, but figured it was worth a shot. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. More importantly, we sold two items! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to sell or buy items."

Jan Chapin
Farmington, CT

"I was very pleased with the response I had from using the web site to sell my unused trade show booth. Their system is easy to use and update. The content provided is very helpful to the prospective display buyers and it is easy to shop on the site. I received a number of inquiries about my ad and actually sold the booth in about 30 days. Thanks again,!"

Jim Llyod
Inteset, LLC

"My experience with (ET.C) was great. First of all when you email a question they actually respond. They even answer telephone calls and return telephone calls. Probably little they do not know about the resale side of the Exhibit Industry. From pop-up light kits to multi-story custom fabrications, it was clearly evident they are subject matter experts. My story is short and simple. I listed an exhibit on eBay. Paid the eBay fee but did not get a single bid. Lowered the price, listed it again, paid the fee again, but again nothing. I emailed ET.C, then called and spoke to them on the telephone (yes a real live person). Uploaded a few pictures, cut and paste a few lines of text from my eBay listing, and was done in minutes. We chose their consignment offer for which there is no fee if the unit does not sell. On ET.C I listed and sold the unit at DOUBLE what I asked for on eBay within just a couple of weeks! Painless and risk free. Lesson learned...The venue to sell your exhibit is the one that attracts qualified buyers. ET.C is that venue."

Joseph Brown
Bay Shore, NY

"As a top level exhibit designer/fabricator based in Canada we use EXHIBITTRADER.COM for listing our clients pre-owned properties, our own pre-owned properties and also as a platform for showcasing many of our rental properties. Their consignment based web platform for connecting buyers and sellers is very easy to use and most importantly deliverers the serious results as intended by design. The user interface and professional customer service we receive from is the reason anyone considering a pre-owned sale, purchase or contemplating rental exposure should not ever hesitate to use their services."

Jared Pollacco
VMC Group
ON, Canada

"We are very happy with the service and products received from Our contact person, Lindsay Rogowicz was quick to respond to our needs and questions. The graphic panels were of high quality and the production time was shorter than expected. Our overall experience has been great."

Grace Lui
Regional Marketing Manager
Jacobs Associates

"My experience with everyone at EXHIBITTRADER.COM was very pleasant. I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a conference display to remarket. The whole process was very simple to follow and the staff was very professional. We received a lot of activity regarding our ad and sold our display within 30 days."

Jim Marsallo, Jr.
Ontario Investments, Inc.

"You would have to be an ABSOLUTE FOOL not to sell your display on!"

Jerry Wright
Save Phace

"Putting our trade show booth up for sale on was super easy and we got our booth sold in months. I did try to sell it on other websites too during this time, but nothing else worked. I'm so glad we listed it with"

Kim Dushinski

"In 2006, we purchased a huge trade show booth that had since been replaced with a different unit. Since then, it sat in a corner taking up space and collecting dust until I got the idea that it might collect cash instead! I emailed the general contact on your Web site and was floored when I got a phone call within a few hours to help me properly price our booth. It was on the Web site in minutes and within a week, we received multiple inquiries. It was out the door in 10 days - space reclaimed and cash collected! In these tough economic times, it's great to know that there is a service like helping to stretch every marketing dollar!"

Austin Lorenzen
Short's Travel Management

" made it so easy and convenient for us to sell our truss display. I have to admit at first I did not think it would work, but within a week we had a buyer contact us and made the sale two days later. There was no hassle and Jason, from, even posted the ad for us. He was very helpful and answered any questions I had for him. The great customer service is just one of the reasons why I will be using this site again."

Thanks again guys!!!

Christina Marcelin
Unisar Inc.
New York, NY

"I wanted to let you know that we have received the pre-owned booth from Key Action Sports that we purchased through We are verry pleased with our purchase, it was everything they said it would be!"

Thanks again for helping us find a great trade show booth and for helping us save thousands of dollars in the process!!!

Bob McDonald
Custom Performance Products, Inc
North Carolina

" has proven to be an extremely effective means of connecting buyers and sellers of trade show exhibits and properties. I have now sold two large double deck exhibits through this site. It seems to be a 'win / win' for everybody involved. Great value for the customer and increased revenue for the seller."

Jim LaValley
Jim LaValley Design & Consulting, Inc.

"It has been a great pleasure working with Every step of the process was so easy and the Representatives (all of them) are so wonderful to work with. They guide you every step of the way even giving advice when asked. They made the process of selling our exhibit unit go so smoothly and I would highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you"

Kim Worchesik
Executive Coordinator
Go Appetit Foods, LLC

" was very instrumental in the quick turnover of our used trade show display. We had a buyer in one week!! It was a very easy process, and the representative I spoke with in my initial inquiry about the site was extremely helpful and friendly."

Sheena Stone
Business Development Manager

"We had a very positive experience working with Our contacts were very friendly and responsive. Through we were able to reach a much larger audience than we could have on our own. We received a lot of interest prior to the actual sale of our two story booth. Should we ever need to sell another property, we would not hesitate to work with again!"

Tiffany Till
Marketing Coordinator
Allied Barton

"Our company has used twice in the past year. Our experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Their attention to details, before, during and after the sale was amazing. We will continue to work with for any future trade show needs we may have. "the official trade show supplier" for Canadian Gaming Service."

Thank you

Perry Colpitts
Business Development
Canadian Gaming Service

"Thanks again for all of your help! Your customer service is second to none and I will definitely recommend your website to friends/peers in the future."

Lauren Samson
Konover Developement Corp.

"Contracting with was so simple, and so rewarding!"

Courtney Deinert
Marketing Coordinator
Martin Group, Inc.

" helped me to sell an item I would not have been able to sell any other way. Not only is the site very easy to navigate, but they were very helpful in helping me build my ad, doing a lot of the work for me. I actually got a real person on the phone when I called to get some questions answered. They made sure I was receiving my inquiries and I got a quick response whenever I sent them an email. And the whole process was risk free, as I don't pay any commission until I receive payment from the buyer. I am very appreciative of the service they provide!"

Marian Finnell
Moving On Transition Services
Spring, TX

"My experience with was outstanding! Their professional staff went above and beyond to help our booth sell. It was convenient, effortless and practically sold itself in less than a week. I highly recommend using to help you sell your used exhibit property!"

Cindy Gallery
Anhydro Inc.
Olympia Fields, IL

" was a very good experience for us. It only took a month to sell our booth in a down economy that was really unexpected. The website was easy to use and the staff easy to work with. In the end, it was the perfect solution."

Diana Arroyo
VP Operations & Finance
Carney Direct Marketing

"Hello Lindsay,

It has been a pleasure working with you recently during the purchase process of our new counter. I was very impressed with your attention to detail and your amazing customer service. I have attached a small acknowledgement of your hard work and efforts. Thanks for everything."

Perry Colpitts
Business Development
Canadian Gaming Service

"I listed my booth on a Thursday and sold it the next day. I had tried selling my booth on ebay several times with no success. I am thrilled with the results I have had with this web-site. It is a great place to quickly and effectively reach the people that are looking for trade show booths."


Diana Loock

" did exactly what we wanted from them. They matched a buyer and a seller of a used - or should I say "pre-owned" tradeshow booth.. The process was easy and I wouldn't hesitate using them again."

Doug Ballinger
Redwood City, CA

"At first we tried selling our display on sites like Craigslist and Ebay with no success. Then, a colleague told me about and within hours of posting our exhibit on the site, I received a number of inquiries and offers that were for a lot more than I expected. We sold the booth for a great price and all the parties involved left happy. Bottom line, is THE TOOL for buying and selling exhibit equipment."

Timothy Maggiani
Virgil Films and Entertainment
New York, NY

"I feel a need to take a quick time out, from my dailies to let you know how appreciative we are of's services.

I believe that I happened across your web site and used exhibit services as a result of a Google search. I had a few concerns about the effectiveness of this service but after a quick conversation with Jason, my mind was put at ease.

The results since September have been nothing less than fantastic. We have received many, many requests for more details on the materials posted and the this has led to several successful transactions. The manner in which you support and follow through on the leads we receive, the level of interaction and quality of advice you gave us has contributed to this success. We consider you as a valuable extension to our efforts and thank you for your expert contribution."

Gery G Hunter
Hunter Expositions

"I felt very comfortable listing my company's booth for sale on They went above and beyond to help; they helped make the selling of our booth stress-free. They were always in contact with me to make sure I was happy. I did find Chad Rogowicz extremely helpful! He didn't disappear once I signed the contract; he helped every step of the way. I felt like we were working together to sell this booth. In the future if we do need to sell another booth, I will without a doubt contact Chad to help."

Thank You

Jennifer Seelochan
Sales & Marketing Specialist I
AnazaoHealth Corporation

" made it easy for us to post and sell our booth. I was surprised by how quickly it moved - less than 3 months and we had a couple bites on it. Communication between the interested buyer was also a breeze. Customer service was responsive and helpful. Particularly in the beginning when I had questions as to how it worked and what would be best for us, the service team (Chad specifically) was incredible!"

Monica Devlin
Marketing Coordinator
Nielsen Kellerman

" sold our booth in just 7 weeks for our asking price. It was a larger 10 x 20 booth, modular system. They were very helpful in answering our initial questions. Once sold, they were quick to respond to help me close the deal. Having detailed information and great pictures is a real plus in selling"

Jeanette Miller

""My experience with was fantastic! Not only did I receive a high level of customer support from their team, I also sold my booth. It was convenient, easy and effortless. This is the place to be for trying to sell exhibit booths and props. I will certainly use them again should the need arise."

Davis Knox
Fire & Flavor

"I had great support in listing my trade show booth on your website, your knowledge in this industry made my life easier and resulted in a quick sale of my booth in less than a month. Thanks too all at!"

Dan Heffernan
Inventory Control Manager
Constellation Technology

"My experience with was excellent. They kept in contact with the goings on of my exhibit, they answered all of my questions, and always were there to help during the process. We had a decent amount of response to our posted exhibit and sold it quickly. Keep up the diligent efforts!"

Neal Barth
Account Specialist
Teinnovations Inc.

" was extremely helpful with the sale of my exhibit property - the ease of loading everything on their website and their professional approach allowed for an easy transaction. I highly recommend using to help you sell your used exhibit property!"

Nancy Lindell
Tradeshow Specialist
IDEX Health & Science


Just a brief note of thanks for the outstanding work you and your team did to find a buyer for our trade show exhibit.

Previously we had used other brokerage services to try and sell our unit but they all proved less than equal to the task. The terrific communication, timely advice, and thorough professionalism exhibited by you and all the folks over at was a breath of fresh air.

In the final analysis, you found us a great buyer at a fair price and you did it all in record time.

I would heartily recommend and its services to anyone wishing to sell their exhibit with a minimum of effort but with maximum results.

Great job!

Tom Kokinda
Director of Marketing & Sales
Ameri-serv Group

"Listing the used tradeshow exhibits with was easy and straight foward. It allowed us to promote the displays to a nationwide audience of prospective customers and resulted in a sale. We used the proceeds to underwrite the charitable recreation programs we offer for children and adults with disabilities here in the Pacific Northwest."

Ed Bronsdon
Executive Director
Outdoors for All Foundation

"I wasn't sure what I would do with the trade show booths I was assigned to sell for the company. A friend of mine referred me to and they couldn't have made it any easier! They helped me price them initially and then helped field inquiries as potential sellers had questions that I could not answer. We were able to sell our booths with minimum effort and know that everyone along the way got a fair deal."

John Walters
First Collateral Services LLC
Concord, CA

"Our exhibit sold in just 9 days and we didn't "give it away" - it was a fair price to a solid buyer. There were two more buyers waiting in the wings as well. The process of submitting the booth information for sale, uploading data, images, etc was fast and simple. is easy to work with and well worth it. Let's face it, display booths are not an eBAY type of product. Selling exhibits is what does and I would use them again."

Mark Cichowski
CLARITY AV International, Inc.
Laguna Hills, CA

"If we had to sell a booth again, would be our first choice. Professional. Friendly. Quick Response. Most importantly, effective! It is a pleasure to work with individuals that understand how to do business the right way!"

Maria Erickson
Bette & Court

"I just received and set up my pre-owned booth that I purchased through your company and wanted to tell you that it is in perfect shape. I will certainly use your company again when it comes time to upgrade and expand!!"

Jim Gekeler
Sun Optics USA

"The entire experience with was seamless and worry free. From the day we placed our ad, we were connected with a personal representative who was extremely helpful during the entire sales process. Jason offered a detailed site tutorial, expert advice and constant follow up with every inquiry. The team is a supportive and honest group - we will definitely use their services againe."

Nicole Feldhaus
Office Manager

"I spent years using mainstream online auction websites to buy and sell used tradeshow displays praying that one day I would find a better solution. After using for the first time, I am now convinced that there isn't a more painless, hassle-free solution for buying or selling used tradeshow displays on the planet. We'll be using every time we need to buy or sell a tradeshow display."

Julian DeLuca
Associate Product Manager
Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated

"I found an easy to use and a pleasant company to work with. We sold our exhibit within three days of listing! It is easy to submit your product for sale and the support from the staff was great. I would not hesitate to use again in the future."

Alison McHugh
Exhibition Co-ordinator
Polymer Laboratories

"Juni is extremely happy with the booth we recently purchased through We used the booth for the first time at a show in Chicago and it was by far the best show we have ever had. Thank you again for your excellent customer service and willingness assist our needs in getting the booth we need."

Jill Loebsack
Juni America

" made it easy to sell our unused tradeshow booth. The whole AD process took about 10 minutes. It took only a few weeks to sell. The whole process went very smooth. I have also used in the past to purchase a booth. Thanks and keep up the great service."

Ed Hopman
Marketing Manager
RPS Products, Inc.

Dear ExhibitTrader

I received your email offers and I was skeptical about even investing the time to use your services, while my exhibit was collecting dust incurring storage charges for months before I finally gave it a go. The process was easy and all of a sudden I received about six enquires in three days and the exhibit was sold. Fantastic! Instead of looking to dump it I actually sold it for a good price.

I would use your services again in a heart beat and recommend them to anyone!

Thank you

Michael Rockwell
Aventura, FL

The staff at Exhibit Trader made the sale of our trade show booth all but effortless. From the beginning they were quick to respond with advice and to answer questions throughout the process. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking to sell a trade show exhibit; we will definitely use them again!

Hillary Whyard
Marketing Manager

It was a pleasure working with I appreciate your continual follow up and assistance with the process of selling our 20 x 20 booth. The ads were well done and the "REDUCED!" tag was a real attention grabber. This is the first time our company has sold a used trade show booth and we will use in the future if we need to sell another trade show display. I researched other used booth sellers and your service and commission rate were the best deal online. Thanks for the great experience in finding a "home" for our custom built booth!

Stacey L. Sears
Marketing Manager
Taconic is an invaluable tool if you are interested "going green" through recycling and making a bit of money instead of paying to destroy or store old, unused trade show properties. This is the second trade show booth I've sold now - for two different companies and I've loved my 10 minutes of fame at each! Thanks!

Jill Ricetti
Marketing and Media Manager
Calgon Carbon Corporation

This is the first time I was ever involved in selling an exhibit for my company. I can not imagine an easier system for selling a trade show booth or accessories than Up to discovering this website, I wasn't even sure how someone went about selling a used trade show booth. provides a simple, easy to follow system that allowed us to display our booth on the website. They were also very helpful and informative when asked to provide feedback on how many people looked at our booth and their thoughts on pricing compared to other displays on their website. I would use again if the need arose and would highly recommend this website to anyone requiring these services.

Tom Vasko
Vice President
3L Corp

Jason, thanks for all the help in selling the booth. This was one of the easiest and quickest types of transactions I have ever had for this type of sale. Your process was easy to use and netted the result we wanted.

Christopher Wadsworth
Traf-Sys People Counting Systems

Thanks to EXHIBITTRADER.COM for assisting us in the sale of our trade show booth. We had outgrown the display and it might have taken up permanent residence in our warehouse without their assistance. We know the display still had value but without help in locating the right buyer it was going nowhere. Now you have a happy new owner and we can put the cash back to work.

Matt Sheehan
AERO Specialties, Inc.

Thank you to for helping us sell our booth in less than 4 months, we couldn't have done it without your help! The process was easy and the staff was extremely helpful! I would highly recommend your services to other companies interested in selling their exhibit.

Chris B.
Latin Sales Promotions Manager
Continental Airlines, Inc.

Thanks for helping me sell my exhibit! The buyer was pleased with her acquisition, we were pleased to move on to a different platform...everything worked out great. Thanks for the service!

Mel Kimsey
Medical Device Resource Corporation
Hayward, CA


I just wanted to sincerely thank you and Jason for being so helpful during my research to purchase a booth. I know that we went back and forth and weighted out if it was better for us to purchase a new booth or a pre-used booth and you were always so patient and helpful. Your professionalism and knowledge made the process much easier than expected. I can definitely assure you that when it comes to selling our booth, or purchasing another, you will be the first person I contact.

Ranishley Larsen
Marketing Coordinator
RMC Property Group


I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the 20' panel display that you sold to us. From start to finish, you were on the ball, attentive, and ultimately provided us with a great product. The booth is sturdy, easy to set-up, and most important, it looks professional. Making a big purchase like this is a daunting task, but Jason Wooten and made this a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Steven V. Mandes
Vice President
BGM Machine Imports, Inc. exceeded all my expectations. I truly expected the sale of my display to take much longer than it did, and I expected to be on my own in the process. My experience with ExhibitTrader has been a pleasant surprise on both accounts. My exhibit was sold within a matter of weeks, and the staff was always immediately available and willing to assist in any and every way. I would recommend to any exhibitor considering selling their display, and having a seller's perspective would certainly recommend a pre-owned purchase! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Dusty Dunkle
Customer Research, Inc.

We sold our booth in less than a month, only 26 days! Yea, thank you!! It was very easy to post our ad to their site and Exhibit Trader was very responsive in helping us download extra photos. There was no risk because we were able to post our ad for free, with only a nominal consignment fee. I would recommend this service to anyone, it really works, and what do you have to lose?

Martha Treasure
Operations Manager
Software Performance Systems

My experience with was a complete success. I had calls immediately after posting, was able to deal directly with the potential buyers and sold our used trade show exhibit within a week! The process was completely transparent with no hidden fees or work. Thank you (and thank you Jason).

Susie Hedrick
Director of Business Development
Marketron Broadcast Solutions

Hurray, we sold our Two Story booth! We could not have done it without The buyer had concerns about buying the booth sight unseen and Jason at was able to use four generations of experience to walk the buyer through the various options and practicality. In the end the buyer looked in the crates and wired the money. Thanks Jason and

James F. Hensel
Metro One

Our company has been trying to sell our booth for quite sometime now. I was directed to check out Exhibit Trader and the services they offer. I posted an ad for the booth we were trying to sell, thinking that it would atleast take a few months to sell, or even to get some inquiries, but within a couple hours I had already received several e-mails from people interested in the booth. After discussing all the details of the booth with the first interested buyer, we sold it within a couple of weeks. I was very pleased how quick and smoothly the entire process went. There was even one instance when I had not gotten in touch with one of the individuals who was interested in the booth and a representative from Exhibit Trader contacted me to make sure I had received the inquiry. The quick follow-up and response time from the Exhibit Trader employees reflects that their interest lies in assisting both the seller and buyer to make the process as efficient as possible. I would highly recommend to anyone to take advantage of Exhibit Trader.

Erin Melson
Director of Marketing
Emergisoft Corporation was the way to go in selling our trade show booth. We had tried for a couple of years and had just about given up and gone for scrapping the booth when we were given the information. They gave us good advise on how to price the booth. It wasn"t too long and I had a lead. I did have one price reduction, but the lead panned out and I got the booth sold within 4 months. Thank you

Jenise Ferris
Fortifiber Building Systems Group
Reno, Nevada

"Selling used exhibits is easy with It takes only a few minutes to input the information into their website and upload your photos. Then the emails of interested buyers begin arriving in your inbox. The reports that ExhibitTrader sends you with the activity on your account is very useful."

Steve Curtsinger
Integra Display
Nashville, Tennessee

"Our company had five displays taking up room in our storage area and we planned to throw them out until someone recommended to us. We set up our displays, took some photos and contacted Chad Rogowicz at Chad was very helpful in assisting us fill out the form, recommending a selling price and loading the ad for us on He said the displays should sell fairly quickly; and they did! Once we had an interested buyer, the sales process was easy, thanks to Jason"s timely assistance with my questions."s staff provided timely responses to questions and were always professional and friendly. helped us to turn what we thought was trash into cash. Thank you to you and your team for all of your assistance!"

Michelle Reinhardt
Marketing Manager
Scholarship Management Services / A Division of Scholarship America

"I found very user friendly and I am very satisfied with the results. The ease of use of the website is amazing! All of my questions were addressed and answered by the FAQ section; posting my ad and the photos was incredibly easy and the response was very good. The amount of options available for posting an ad are great and I was able to choose an option that best fit my company"s needs. Truly this was a great experience. I posted my ad and let the shoppers come to me! As soon as someone indicated interest we received a follow-up call from personnel who were eager and willing to offer any assistance in making a lead become a successful sale."

Kristin Knutson
BIG INK Display Graphics
Eagan, Minnesota

My experience with has been one of high excellence. From the moment our exhibit company recommended them to post our exhibit booth with them to the final invoice things went very smoothly. We chose to post our booth based on the consignment price option; this allowed us to post our ad for no out of pocket expense. What I liked about this is no matter how long it took to sell our exhibit booth the cost would not have changed; it was based on 15% of the sell price; we were fortunate, our booth sold within 30 days. This has been a truly excellent experience. Should we wish to purchase a booth in the future, we will be first looking to

Dawn Liistro
Covast Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia

" is a great resource for trade show professionals or anyone looking to buy or sell a trade show exhibit. It took less than 5 minutes to post our booth information and having direct access to prospective buyers allowed the sale to move quickly. The staff was available to answer any questions along the way."

Gina Barreca
Director of Marketing
Vantage Apparel

"Our 20 x 20 booth had only been used once and was sitting in storage taking up space. We decided to sell it and went straight to Their friendly staff helped us put together an ad and we sold our booth a lot faster than we expected! We were very impressed at how quick and easy the process was and will definitely be coming back to in the future when we need to sell other exhibits!"

Mandy Warren
Marketing Assistant
Quincy Compressor

"I bought and sold my booth through, their service was excellent and allowed us to to accomplish both tasks in a timely fashion. We saved money using their service."

Lauren Sigurdson
Marketing & Sales Coordinator

"It was getting close to 2 years that our company"s 1st exhibit booth had been sitting in storage in St. Louis. Way down on my ever-lengthening list of things to do was to sell that booth and I was reminded of it every month when the storage invoice came. I did not think I knew enough about it to easily re-sale it. Thankfully, the staff at did know and even completed my listing for me. Within a week I sold the booth and now that nagging to-do is DONE."

Wendy W. Starr
Senior Marketing Associate
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"ExhibitTrader was the perfect answer to finding a "home" for our booth. My ad was posted immediately, which resulted in a transaction that went very smoothly. I received excellent service from a friendly staff at a very reasonable price! I would highly recommend them if buying or selling a trade show booth."

Gina Bugée
Gina B. Designs, Inc.

" sold our booth in a week. We received 4 inquiries during the first week, and after answering a few questions, our booth easily sold. I highly recommend these folks as they offer a unique opportunity to move product in a difficult product niche."

David Erickson
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

HEMPEL couldn"t be happier with the new trade show display system we purchased from! We want to thank Lindsay Rogowicz, our Display Consultant, for her great service that lead to a succesful show for HEMPEL at NACE 2008.

Vanesa Sfilio
Hempel Argentina S.R.L.

We sold our exhibit to one of the 12 interested buyers that contacted us through Everything worked out smoothly and we had great support from your staff. Without your website we"d never have sold the exhibit. In fact I"ll list some other exhibits with you as soon as we"re done with using them at another show.

Mitch Robboy
Remcraft Lighting
Miami, Florida

ExhibitTrader took the stress out of selling our Trade Show Booth. The on-line estimator tool was easy to use; I was very impressed at the prompt response to my enquiry. The email was followed by an informative phone call from Chad Rogowicz. The staff in the pre-owned department was very supportive and helpful at every step of the process. Thank you so much ExhibitTrader for helping us to sell the booth.

Marianne Bowlin
Purchasing Specialist

"Thank you to and our display consultant, Lindsay Rogowicz, for all of your help, our tradeshow exhibit equipment worked great. Best show ever for us!! We"ll be in touch next year to expand."

Jack Forehand
Thacker Industrial Equipment

I was a first time user of and their service is absolutely terrific. Each and every team member I communicated with was professional & friendly. All we had to do was provide details & pictures of the trade show booth and took care of marketing it, finding a buyer and making sure both parties were 100% satisfied. I can"t say enough nice things about and their service. Thank you for a pleasant, quick and successful transaction.

Joel Lazar
Vice President-Discovery Sales
Ultimate Resort

Working with has been a pleasure. We"ve been able to turn and sell booths quickly and give customers a great deal on used, reliable displays. I would recommend for any exhibit company to sell with them and see how easy it can be!

Amanda VanNoort
Project Manager

Thank you for all your help with selling our display. Everything worked out smoothly and we had great support from your staff. I will be happy to refer your services if I get the chance.

Vincent Wilcoxen
Wilcoxen Design

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to let you know how promptly the vendor returned the call for our request on a rental trade show exhibit. I was surprised that I received a phone call by COB on the same day regarding the request that we submitted. Honestly, I was expecting to be waiting close to a week for a response. We are starting to move forward with this opportunity and are looking forward to turning our upcoming tradeshow into a hassle free experience by using these resources. Thanks!

Lori Hubbs
Marketing Communications Manager

We placed our exhibit on and received several inquiries within just a couple of months. We were pleased to sell the exhibit so quickly. This was definitely the best place to sell our exhibit.

Jarrett Volzer
President of Sales and Marketing
Surpass Software

Selling our trade show booth through was simple and effective. We were able to find our buyer and complete the transaction in just over a month. The ExhibitTrader team was professional and courteous and the entire process could not have been easier.

Kelly Deacon
Marketing Manager
Intesource, Inc.

EXHIBITTRADER.COM did an excellent job selling our trade show booth. It was a pleasure working with the EXHIBITTRADER.COM staff. All of my questions were addressed in a professional and timely fashion. Our 20" x 20" booth sold within 70 days. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the market to sell or buy a booth and will certainly use them for any future needs.

Pat Sullivan

We were thrilled with the services that EXHIBITTRADER.COM provided! Everyone knows how expensive tradeshow booths are and it"s great to have a place where you can recoup some of your costs. It was extremely easy to list and sell. Plus, there were no upfront costs to worry about as we placed ours on consignment. Their site would be the first place I would check before purchasing another display and is certainly the place to go when selling a used one. I urge anyone that is looking to sell or buy tradeshow displays to use EXHIBITTRADER.COM. It worked for us and it will work for you!

Bonnie Blumenstock
Vice President
Pebbles Inc.

"I was very pleased with the service and response I received after posting my exhibit for sale on EXHIBITTRADER.COM. We sold our booth with minimal effort on our end, in almost no time at all. I would recommend this service highly over any online auction or tradeshow paper ad, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you for your help we probably would not have sold it without EXHIBITTRADER.COM.

Rebecca Morse
Plainville Machine Works

"Wow - Exhibittrader! Thanks for selling our booth so quickly. We received bids within 24 hours after posting it for sale. You made it such a quick and simple transaction - unlike the other listing agency we originally went through. We give you an A+ and will recommend you to others."

Tracy Mondor
Hatch Transformers

"I originally found when I was looking for a booth for my first Expo. We needed a great exhibit but didn"t have a big fancy budget. A search engine led me to where I found a terrific pre-owned exhibit that fit my budget. The deal was quick and easy and I was extremely satisfied. My Expo was a great success!

I returned to when I was at the other end of the spectrum and needed to sell my exhibit. Jason Wooten, VP of Sales, walked me through the whole process step by step and gave me valuable advice on listing, shipping and setting a fair price. I was able to call at any time to have my questions answered promptly and cordially. He kept in close touch with me throughout the entire process. My exhibit sold quickly and painlessly and I couldn"t be any happier with the personal assistance I received.

I would highly recommend to any business looking to buy or sell a trade show exhibit and I will return to them with any future needs, for certain. Thank you, ExhibitTrader!"

Robon Long
Grand Bear, Inc.

"My client sold their 20" x 20" island trade show booth in less than 90 days on It was incredibly easy to post the ad. They offered support every step of the way, beginning with pricing and ending with negotiations on the sale. There were a number of serious inquiries, and staff followed up on them via email and phone. I can recommend their services without reservation."

Debbie Hepp
Design & Marketing Consultant
Ballyhoo Studio

"This letter is to tell you how pleased I am with EXHIBITTRADER.COM in assisting us with the recent sale of our convention exhibit-display. Your company and staff handled everything for us in the most efficient and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone selling or purchasing trade show display. Thanks again for everything!"

Dr. James W. Herbert
Music Maestro Please, Inc.

"Our trade show booth ad was posted by on a Friday; inquiries on the booth were generated within 5 days and the booth sold within 2 months. Top marks to for providing an effective channel to potential buyers!"

Rod Martin
Director of Marketing
Vecima Networks Inc.

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM, thank you for helping us sell our tradeshow portable booths. Within hours of posting our portable tradeshow booth it was sold. The next day we posted another similar booth and was able to quickly and efficiently sell that booth as well. The service is fast and easy to use. The site takes all of the hassle out of trying to find a buyer. I would highly recommend using for selling or buying tradeshow properties."

Shannon Ostrowski
Exhibit Manager

"Working with is like finding the Holy Grail! Locating the ideal exhibit without spending a ton on money was a terrific experience for our company. In turn, when selling an exhibit, Jason was instrumental in guiding us through this process easily. We sold our display in only three weeks!"

Joyce Porter
Sales and Marketing Manager

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM, again thank you very much for your helping with our trade show display purchase. I appreciate all that you have done to accommodate us. And thank you to Lindsay Rogowicz our Account Executive, you have gone above and beyond. You have been a pleasure to work with!"


Tom Baffa
Vice President
Performance Packaging

"Talk about results! We had our first offer less than 24 hours after our ad was placed and the sale was complete by the next business day. This was far easier than an auction website and considerably more effective. Thank you EXHIBITTRADER.COM for all your assistance in making this sell happen"

Ginny Cardona
Delaware Diamond Knives, Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware

"I just wanted to send a very quick thank you for all your help in getting the mural graphic panels created for our booth. They arrived in time, looked wonderful (I believe the word "phenomenal" was uttered by more than one person!), and worked perfectly at our convention yesterday (we received quite a few compliments on the booth!). THANK YOU to you and your colleagues for the very quick turnaround and hard work that you put in to make the panels look so good and work so well!"

Kathryn Davie Wood
Manager, Corporate Services
Parents in a Pinch, Inc.

"I am very pleased with the service I received from EXHIBITTRADER.COM in selling my 10 x 10 trade show exhibit. EXHIBITTRADER must have generated a high degree of visibility for my ad since I had numerous potential buyers contact me. I am convinced that I had a much better response to my ad through EXHIBITTRADER.COM than I would have had with newspaper classifieds or other print media. The EXHIBITTRADER staff was extremely helpful and made this sale painless. I would definitely use EXHIBITTRADER.COM again and will highly recommend its" services."

Bill Frayne
RWA Associates

"We found ExhibitTrader a very useful service. We are not in the business of marketing trade show exhibits, so we left it to a business that is. It made sense, in today"s wired world, to post our item on a specialized website where those with the same specialized interest could find it. We sold our booth for the asking price to a business in Texas, shipping it there at the buyer"s expense, from our company in Nova Scotia, Canada. I doubt we could have sold our both any faster on our own, but the benefit of ExhibitTrader is that we didn"t have to try!


Eric Hustvedt
Marketing Manager
Covey Island Boatworks
Nova Scotia, Canada

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM was certainly a convenient and painless way to get our trade show booth in front of prospective buyers. As with any such sale, finding the right buyer took some time, and over the course of about two years we had it listed, we got several inquiries. So we know the web site is visited by active buyers, and we finally made the sale at our price and very quickly when it happened. Thanks to EXHIBITTRADER.COM for being there and offering an effective service!"

Fred Buchanan
Global Sales Director
QRP, Inc.

"I was able to sell my used display through within approximately 120 days. I found the people at to be very professional. Their technique in advertising was good with the use of captions and pictures. I had been unsuccessful in selling the display on my own until I listed it with I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a trade show display."


Virginia Bartges, owner
Country Images
Bloomington, Illinois

"Thanks to ExhibitTrader I was able to sell my used 8ft. Nomadic Pop-Up Display within weeks. After surveying numerous options, I was still unsure as to the best way to go about selling my trade show exhibit. ExhibitTrader offered great customer service, and a customer friendly marketplace. I was impressed with how easy the entire process was. Within a day or two of posting our exhibit, we had already received a response...and within a few weeks it was sold. Thanks you for everything, and I will gladly recommend your service to anyone interested."

Benjamin Los
Marketing Associate
Technical Die-Casting, Inc.

"As a new employee at my company, I discovered that we had a tradeshow booth in storage that we had used only once! We had no intention of using it in the future and the costs to "dispose" of a perfectly good booth was incredible - I decided to investigate our options and that"s how I stumbled upon The staff at was great! They helped me price my booth, put together a great description and got it listed within 24 hours! They had several payment options available and I opted for the consignment route whereby I would only have to pay if I sold the booth. We had many interested buyers and managed to strike a deal quickly and easily. The staff at assisted me in making it happened. With a booth and its associated storage costs off my hands and some money in the company coffers, I look like a hero! Thanks The experience couldn"t have been easier!"

Cori Endrody
Marketing Manager
NBS Technologies Inc.

"We decided to use to help sell our booth as that is where we found and originally purchased it though. To help maximize exposure we also decided to upgrade to a Premier listing which helped drive extra traffic reviewing our listing. We received many inquiries within the first month. It took until the second month to have an acceptable offer for the exhibit. It then took a few days to work out the details, but ultimately the sale was made and the exhibit is on its way to the new owner. Exhibit trader was thoughtful to follow up with us for the inquiries. Despite the cost, we are still happy with the generated traffic and inquiries through Thanks again ExhibitTrader for all your help with sale."

Christopher Wadle
Lamin-x Protective Films

"I am very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of this website. I"m also impressed with the professionalism involved in maintaining a safe and fair market place."

Deborah Lu
Marketing Coordinator / Applied Computing Division
Advantech Corporation

"Thank you for your assistance in finding a buyer for our trade show display. When we moved our warehousing operation from Arizona to California, I was not sure how I would go about advertising a display in California from Arizona, until I found you guys. It was simple getting the listing put up on the site and I knew up front that it would not cost me anything unless it sold. To me that was better then placing classified advertisements week after week hoping my ad $$$ pay off.

The buyer that eventually purchased the booth contacted me through you not even a week after the ad was placed. It took him a while to schedule time to get by and inspected the booth, otherwise it would have sold immediately.

Great service! If I ever need a booth again I will start with"


Randy Ratcliff
Baywood International, Inc.

"I am so happy that my booth sold in just a few weeks after posting it on EXHIBITTRADER.COM. It was so easy to post pictures of the booth on your site. I had several inquiries before I sold it without having to lower the price. Given how easy it was and how little attention I had to pay to the process, I think your commission was well worth the time and marketing expense it saved me. Thank you for all your support and the integrity with which you dealt with me. I definitely will recommend your services to anyone I know who is interested in either the buying or selling of a trade show booth."

Joan Garbo

"Dear Jason, I wanted to personally thank you for all your help with the purchase of our booth. It is exactly what we needed and it lets a small company like Domach, Inc. look like one of the big boys without breaking the bank. I will recommend you personally and to anyone who needs a trade show booth!"

Eric Lunsford
Vice President
Domach, Inc.

" was a wonderful channel for us to sell our tradeshow booth. The team there was informative, prompt, and willing to assist. With their assistance, we were able to sell our booth in just two months. Thanks!

Marie Snively
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
SkyCross, Inc.

" was easy to work with. Once I had our ad set up, I really didn"t spend much time on it. The website did the work. I put some effort into selling our exhibit other places - taking fliers to tradeshows, listing it in an industry newsletter, talking to some small companies I thought might be interested - there were a few nibbles, but the one from Exhibittrader is the one that actually purchased the exhibit. It"s not necessarily a fast process, but it does the job and at a much better cost recovery than selling it back to the display house we purchased it from."

Sandra Saathoff
Director, Marketing Communication

"Working with Exhibit Trader has been a win-win for all parties involved. My client earned revenue on a used display they no longer needed and the buyer got a great deal. A great way to do business!"

Steve Curtsinger
Integra Display

We had been trying to sell our booths for over 1 year with no luck before I came across I placed ads for two of our display booths and both were sold in less than 2 months for only 2% less than what the asking price was. I cannot say enough good things about The personal service we received from Jason was second to none and will keep me coming back for any future exhibit sales. Jason made this seemingly hard task very easy for all parties involved. Thank you Jason and

Joanie Mitchell
Office Manager
IS2 Medical Systems

I have used on line for the sale of 2 tradeshow booths over the past 3 years. Both sales were timely, the process is extremely easy, and the on line payment option for their commission minimizes paperwork. I have a 3rd current listing with them and will not hesitate to use them in the future."

Casey O"Dell
Facilities Manager is an indispensible tool for any event manager. I sold two exhibits in no time! Listing an exhibit is effortless and the consignment option offers zero risk for the seller. And unlike most web sites, actually answers their phone and helps you. will be the first place I turn for all future buying and selling needs.

Cory Gregg

We sold our booth for our asking price in a little over 24 hours after the ad was posted on the website. Thanks so much to for making this seemingly difficult task a very easy one. Jason"s assistance in getting the ad just right was very valuable and"s awesome marketing was just what we needed for a successful sale. Kudos to!

Ronda Ochoa
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Texas Digital

Exhibit Trader couldn"t be easier to work with. They made selling my unused trade show display a breeze. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a pre-owned exhibit.

Mary Ann Everett
Toy Collection Catalog

Using was a very positive experience. We were having difficulty selling our 20 x 20" booth on another Exhibit sales Web site. We were very close to having to pay to have the booth scrapped but then we decided to give it one more shot and took out an ad on As soon as we did, we began receiving inquiries on our booth. It took a few months but an interested party made us an offer and we were able to sell the booth!

Laura Stipanuk

ExhibitTrader is two for two! The friendly and knowledgeable customer support has made selling my two trade show booths a pleasurable experience. These guys really know their customers and are efficient at making the match between the buyer and seller at the right time. I would especially like to thank Jason Wooten at ExhibitTrader for his personal help and involvement with my two transactions! Thank you very much!

Ryan Shindo
Director of Operations
Hoku Scientific, Inc.

I"m 100% sold on ExhibitTrader! We"ve sold 2 10"x20" used trade show displays for clients on the site, both within a month of posting, and the second one had three offers on it, and sold for over the asking price! Forget eBay - ExhibitTrader gets results!!"

Jane Thompson
Thompsom/Kerr Displays

We set the trade show booth up last night and everyone loves it. Thank you! You cant believe how much time this has saved me for next week! Thanks again!

Steve Stanek
Laire Liability

Through an acquisition we inherited a massive 40" x 40" trade show booth that was too big for our requirements and a total mismatch to our company"s branding. We decided to try and sell it, but figured it would be a hard sell. Because of the sheer size and the distinctive style of the trade show exhibit we knew it would take a while to find the right buyer. Luckily, I discovered EXHIBITTRADER.COM where I immediately listed the booth. It took a few months, but the right buyer finally found us. Within a week we had negotiated a price, they saw the property, paid us and transferred the trade show booth to their exhibit house. Thanks to EXHIBITTRADER.COM, they"re happy and we"re happy!

Sr Marketing Programs Manager
Meriton Networks

We listed our 10 x 20 trade show display with a local exhibit company and didn"t get a single lead. After posting the trade show exhibit on, we had an inquiry the same day and sold the under for our asking price in less than a week! Thoroughly impressed with the site and the help from Chad in Customer Service. Highly recommend using for buying or selling trade show displays.

Lisa Hernandez
Instrument Specialists Inc.

Before you go blowing your budget on a brand new trade show booth, check out have a huge ion of pre-owned custom trade show exhibits for sale at a fraction of their original cost, we found ours in a matter of minutes and couldn"t be happier with our purchase!

Lisa Borg
Director Business Development & Marketing
Show Care

We attend a number of trade shows every year. However, there where the a number of shows that were scheduled so close together we could not move our trade show exhibits around the country fast enough. That meant we either needed to rent ,buy another exhibit or skip a few shows. We needed a custom trade show booth that would be a real show stopper. We looked into renting but found the price to be outrageous. We also checked into adding a second and third exhibit and found that the custom trade show booth we wanted would run about $25,000.00. We felt that this scheduling problem was only temporary and that we did not need to make that kind of investment. That is where Exhibittrader saved the day. We found the custom exhibit we wanted and for only $5,000.00 too! This exhibit cost the first owner about $30,000.00. We used it for two years and when we no longer needed it we put it back on an d sold it in a week. In short it did not cost us one dime. We will never buy a new trade show exhibit again. We know we can find what we want and for a fair price.

Steve Glassinger
G-Tec Inc

Thanks to everyone at for assisting me in selling my Skyline Tabletop trade show Display in 16 days after posting on the site for my original asking price. For purchasers and sellers it is the place to look first to post a booth or to buy a quality trade show booth at a fair price. Thanks again.

Shelia Whitten
Independent Representative - K-12 Education Technology Market
San Antonio, TX

We were amazed! We started receiving responses to our trade show booth ad within hours of posting it online. There were about 7 people interested in it at one time and we ended up selling it in under a month! The staff at was always helpful and friendly, too. Thanks for making this process really easy for us!

Jenna Stephenson
Marketing Programs Manager
Simpler-Webb, Inc.

I spent over a month shopping for a trade show booth. The prices ranged from $10K to upwards of $35K. Unfortunately everything I liked was on the higher price bracket. When I came across I was about to write a check to purchase a $35,500 trade show booth. To my delight an identical trade show booth was listed on for $3995. It was a very lightly used trade show booth, displayed only a couple of times, it still looked brand new. Jason at was very professional and helpful and attentive. He facilitated the deal between us and the owners of the trade show booth within one day. I am very pleased and satisfied with personalized service we received. I definitely recommend Jason and to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a trade show booth. is a great concept which saved me over $30,000 and a lot of headache.

Alan Algan
CEO/Executive Director
Automotive Dealership Institute

We found we no longer needed our nearly new 10x10 trade show booth when our company merged with a larger corporation. The trade show booth just sat in storage for several years until I received an email marketing piece from I was immediately interested since I knew we would never use the trade show booth again and it was nearly new. The staff at were helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. The process of listing the trade show booth was easy and within no time, the trade show booth was SOLD. I highly recommend their services.

Shereé Collins
Administrative Manager

"We out grew our perfectly good 20x20 trade booth and it was just sitting in our warehouse. I came across while I was browsing the Internet. I thought the concept was great and posting our ad was super easy. The 20x20 booth sold in a month and the transaction was seamless. I recommend to all companies who are looking to buy or sell a trade show booth."

Heather Tornincasa
Marketing Manager
InfoSonics Corporation

"We inherited a trade show booth from another facility and I was afraid we would have to continue paying storage fees or pay to dispose of it. The exhibit house recommended trying to sell it on and in just over a month we sold it. It couldn"t have been easier. Thank you."

Sandra Millar
Marketing Specialist
LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.

"Without, we would"ve paid a disposal fee for our trade show exhibit. Instead, we sold it within a few weeks of posting it. Great service and highly recommended."

Blaine Kusler
Marketing Manager
Healthnotes, Inc.

I just got a promotion and I feel that you had a vital role in it. Selling all the old stuff and getting a trade show booth every one was talking about at the conference. They really felt proud about it. Thanks a lot for everything you did! It"s a pleasure working with you.

Sobia Ahmed
Sales Support Group
The Shams Group (TSG)

We listed our trade show exhibit with two other services prior to We wasted storage money and time. We received no valuable inquiries from either service. However, once on we were flooded with inquiries. In short, we were paid for our trade show exhibit - rather than paying for a disposal. Brilliant! Not only that, but there"s an exhibitor in the world with a 20x20 and enough money to go after clients and competitors with gusto. Again - Brilliant! Thank you! Your passion for and dedication to what you do is evident and is creating a new reality with better solutions for every exhibit and exhibitor. I"ll not hesitate to recommend your service...and recommend that those considering it don"t hesitate.

Anne M. Strauss
Director, Corporate Marketing
Softheon, Inc.

Thank you so much for the help you have given me since the first day that I inquired about selling my trade show booth. I knew nothing and you walked me through it step by step. When I had questions all I had to do was call and you knew exactly what I needed. You have gone above and beyond helping me.You displayed my trade show booth in such a fine way, showing full details and letting the viewers know what they are getting.
When I got worried, the calls started. You told me from the beginning that most look before sending inquiries, this indeed was the case. When I had a problem with one of the viewers, you helped me out on that.
If there ever is a time for me to rate your website or you, I will not hesitate to rate very high. I could not have found a better place or better person to deal with than you. I actually will miss talking with you. You never hinted that you had other things to took all the time I needed. I will always remember you and your company

Sharron Braquet

Using exhibitrader was the best thing I could have done to get a professional trade show display at an excellent cost. The trade show booth originally was 45k and we purchased it for a fraction of what it would have cost us new. We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend to anyone getting into the tradeshow business.

David Pamintuan
In House Design

Thank you so much for making this happen.It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I will always remember your company and refer you to any business colleagues that I encounter in the future for their trade show booth needs.

Andrea Allen
Sapphire Entertainment, Inc.

Selling a used trade show booth has just become an easy task thanks to With Jason Wooten"s help starting the add only took a few minutes and within 30 days we had several people interested. The trade show booth sold only after four months within 5% of the asking price. Our custom fabricated trade show booth would have been VERY difficult to sell without I recommend this site to anyone looking to buy or sell trade show booths. Thanks exhibittrader!

Roger Donald
V. P. of Operations
Triple R Mfg., Inc. offered valuable assistance throughout the selling process to support me and my events client. The transaction was simple, comprehensive, and effective. Earning the confidence of a seasoned event manager is no small task has easily achieved my full recommendation!

Sheri Stevens
Event and Project Management

Exhibit Trader proved to be "a great source" for buying a trade show exhibit. Our company is small, we participate in 5-7 trade shows per year. We participate from table tops to 10x20" trade show booth exhibits. We needed a good name brand, solid construction, 10x20" trade show booth that had the capacity to break down to a 10x10" trade show booth when we needed a smaller configuration. The trade show booth was in Chicago, IL. I flew there to look at the booth only to find it was alot more booth than even what the online photos showed, so we made the deal and we will have this booth for a long time as it is reversible, and the panels are replaceable. The owner couldn"t be a nicer person to deal with and the whole Exhibit Trading experience has ended on a positive note...Thank you everyone involved in this transaction from the OptoSigma Corporation.

Michelle Young
Sales & Marketing Manager
OptoSigma Corporation

We were able to sell three trade show booths very easily through The turn around was quick, we received inquiries from serious buyers only and all three transactions were completed without a hitch. They"ve provided great communication and support. The Estimator tool on their site was very helpful in providing us a listing price. I would recommend for anyone looking to buy or sell a trade show booth.

Lisa Beach
Administrative Manager
PRIO Corporation

I am very glad my wife gave me your contact information. You made it very easy to put together the ad and the trade show display sold for what you said and in a very short time.

Jack Katzman
Owner & CEO
Katzman Insurance Agency Inc.

My company was closing and being the last employee on the payroll, I was given the task of selling everything the company owned in the way of office furniture, computers and our beautiful trade show booth.

I didn’t have a clue about where to go to sell our trade show booth! I did some random searches on the internet and found and am I ever glad I did! They gave me all the information and advice I needed so desperately to find a buyer for our trade show booth and they took the time to make me feel comfortable with the process involved in selling our trade show booth on their site.

With their knowledgeable assistance I got pictures up on the site, they helped me compose the ad that ran with the picture and almost immediately I started receiving inquiring emails from potential buyers. Within a relatively short period of time the trade show booth was sold and at my asking price! I was amazed at how well organized is and how well they understand the market for used trade show booths. I can’t thank them enough for all their help. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy OR sell a trade show booth. They won’t disappoint you!

Joey Krystyniak
Natural USA Inc.

I was up late one evening thinking about purchasing a trade show display but I really thought that I couldn"t afford one. Some of the prices I have seen over the years were so high. Not to say they were not worth it but when you own a small company every penny counts. I stumbled onto your website and couldd not believe the prices and selecion of used / pre-owned trade show displays! Within a few minutes I found what I was looking for and sent a simple email via your site to the seller. The next morning I received a response and made my purchase. It was the easiest purchase I have ever made, no pressure from anyone. Just one-on-one with the seller and it was a done deal. Your site is awesome, I only wish that all my purchases could be so simple.

Jeff Zielinski
NAMZ Custom Cycle Products

Finding the perfect pre-owned trade show booth was incredibly easy on exhibittrader. I was able to find, discuss, negotiate, and purchase the trade show booth within 24 hours. The best part was that I was able to get a great booth at a fanatastic price.

Andrew Oh
HPC Systems, Inc.

Two more happy customers thanks to! Thanks for your help and support in making this sale! Instead of paying to destroy the trade show booth we made over $4,000! More folks should try this! Thank you!!

Jill Ricetti
Sr. Manager Marketing Communication
ECI Telecom

Thank you for all your help. I was caught in a situation where I had this perfectly good, almost brand new Trade Show Exhibit, and I couldn"t find anyone to buy it. I went to all the established dealers and they either wouldn"t touch it or they"d offer me peanuts for it. Luckily, I found, I placed my ad on consignment and in less than a week I had sold it for the full asking price. It was a great deal for me; I was able to get a reasonable price for the trade show exhibit and great for my buyer as he got a great trade show exhibit for about 50% of cost. I definitely recommend you to anyone, and should the need arise, I will use Exhibit Trader again.

Bert Ferrer
International Game Marketing, Inc.

Thank you I appreciated all your help in selling my trade show exhibit. Who would have thought it could happen so quickly. I was expecting 2 or 3 months, as a reasonable time to sell it, but with the great response I got from your site of qualified and serious buyers, it was sold in 2 weeks. You"ve got a happy customer here. It was a pleasure to do business with your company & I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to sell or buy a trade show exhibit.

Padraigin Smith
Color Match, Inc.

"My trade show booth sold much easier and quicker than I thought it would! I was glad to be done with storage fees for something I wasn"t using. Jason at Exhibit Trader was helpful and professional making the process simple, I highly recommend them."

Cindy Allen
The Allen Mortgage & Real Estate Group

I just wanted to thank EXHIBITTRADER.COM for the outstanding support they provided during the last 6 weeks. From helping us the pictures that would show our trade show booth to advantage, to assisting the buyer obtain new graphics and ship the dispay once the purchase was finalized... EXHIBITTRADER.COM was phenomenal! We are a customer for life.

Johnelle Korioth, Ph.D.
Senior Applications Engineer
Peak Sensor Systems

Trading with EXHIBITTRADER.COM was easy as pie. At first I felt, well nothing to loose. The man, Jason that sold me on using EXHIBITTRADER.COM told me I could sell my Used trade show Booth within a few days or weeks. In my mind I am thinking, how could he, when there were about 40 on eBay. I had 2 calls within a few days and bam I got the cash and the other party was happy with my product.

Ronald Smolarski

Thank you to EXHIBITTRADER.COM. Experiencing the purchase of somebody else"s exhibit is not without stress and trepidation. Many questions, and concerns in several directions. EXHIBITTRADER.COM made the transaction easy with their full photo capability, and direct link to the seller. We made our purchase, and are moving forward with an inexpensive entry level acquisition.

Bruce Hammett
Wind Energy Conversion Systems

I have until July to get something purchased. I am looking for a 10" X 10" trade show display very similar to the one I bid on so please keep my contact information in your database. You have a great service! As a small company an expenditure such as a trade show display can be a major purchase, buying a used trade show display works well for my cash flow and is just as smart! Again, thank you.


Jon P. Wiesman
Exodus Breeders Corporation

I logged onto EXHIBITTRADER.COM when I had hit a brick wall finding a Tradeshow Exhibit at an affordable price. Thanks to Mr. Wooten"s help, and their resourceful site, I was able to offer my boss the best price available for a used trade show booth, so that we could put money towards branding it for our company. ExhibitTrader"s service was efficient, and on the mark!

Patrick Phillips
Marketing Coordinator

After an extensive search for a quality used trade show booth, the EXHIBITTRADER.COM website was far and a way the most useful tool we found. Working on a short time schedule, we had to find the right trade show booth, rebrand it and have it shipped quickly. We found several trade show booths on EXHIBITTRADER.COM that would fit our needs, and after entering our contact information, were contacted immediately by Jason Wooten of EXHIBITTRADER.COM. He not only helped us follow up with the owners of the booth, but also helped us identify quality vendors for the refurbish and shipping of the trade show booth to our show. We found what we needed, in the timeframe we needed and within our budget. We will certainly use EXHIBITTRADER.COM next time we are looking for a used trade show booth or if we decide to sell our current one.

Dennis Chafin
Sales Executive

We used EXHIBITTRADER.COM and sold our used trade show booth within two weeks for exactly what we wanted. Using EXHIBITTRADER was incredibly easy and the staff was a pleasure to work with. We would recommend EXHIBITTRADER.COM to anyone looking to sell or buy a used trade show exhibit.

Wanda Shorter
CompressorWorks Inc.

"Just a note to say how much I appreciated your help in selling my used trade show display. It has been sitting in my garage for years. I thought it might have some value to somebody, but didn"t have a clue as to how to find that somebody. Then I found your site on the internet. Wonder of wonders, you even had a phone number that I could call. When I did call a real live person answered! You assured me it was worth advertising and suggested your consignment prorgram - if it didn"t sell I was out nothing. Within several days I recieved an offer and sold it. The buyer was happy to have found it and I was happy to have found a buyer.

EXHIBITTRADER.COM definitely provides a valuable service in a very specialized market. I would recommend you to anyone."

Al Peterson

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM, I want to thank you for your assistance in posting our trade show booth on your site. This was a very simple and painless way to sell our trade show booth. The on-line forms were very straight forward and the booth was posted on the site within hours of our submitting the forms and pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an offer for the trade show booth the next day, finalize the transaction and have the both picked-up within a week.

I highly recommend your services and will be selling our next trade show exhibit utilizing the services of Please do not hesitate to use for a reference at any time"

Ed Nichols
Product Marketing Manager

"We were very pleased with the response from EXHIBITTRADER.COM regarding selling our 20 x 20 trade show booth. We started receiving inquiries almost immediately and eventually had four companies interested in buying the trade show booth. We sold it well within the time frame we had hoped for. The support and guidance were excellent and we were pleased with the experience."

Mike Osenga
Diesel Progress/Diesel Progress International

"Thank you EXHIBITTRADER.COM. I"ve had the opportunity to sell three trade show booths on your site. One trade show booth sold within 3 days of listing, the other two within a week of listing. I slightly underpriced the booths, but it is better to have them move onto a new owner than taking up real estate in our facility. I would definitely recommend EXHIBITTRADER.COM to others who either want to sell or purchase used trade show exhibit equipment."

Sharon Everts
Events Planner
Fluent Inc.
March 2005

"My business partner and I just opened our business in October. Our company will be exhibiting at trade shows, however we did not want to spend thousands of dollars on a new trade show exhibit. I did a search on the internet and found many sites that claimed to have "used exhibits". After clicking through a few of these web sites I came upon EXHIBITTRADER.COM. They had the largest ion and most up to date information about the used trade show booths listed on the site. I emailed questions regarding one of the used trade show exhibits and received a confirmation immediately from the site. The site then had the seller contact me within 24 hours and the deal was done."

Great site, very friendly, and very helpful.

Jake Glaser
General Manager
H M B Endoscopy Prods

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM was a dream come true for me. I needed a booth upgrade on a tight schedule and a tight budget. I looked at half a dozen other sites and was disappointed with the ion of used trade show displays. EXHIBITTRADER had a perfect booth for us, and the cost was about 80% less than the cost of new construction. The process was incredibly smooth and my booth arrived in plenty of time for our next event. Thanks guys!"

Derek Peterson
Marketing Director
Allot Communications

"I want to thank EXHIBITTRADER.COM for their assistance in finding a used trade show exhibit that was priced perfectly and suited our needs exactly! Your website had many trade show exhibits to choose from, and when I found the one that I thought would work for us, you provided us with contact information immediately, so that we were able to negotiate directly with the exhibit owners. We now have the exhibit, we saved a huge amount of money, and it suits our needs perfectly!"

Bernadette DeVirgilio
Owner / President
Bernadette Baking Corp

"Jason - the sale has been finalized, please remove the CWT booth ad from your website. I want to thank you so much for your help, your follow-ups etc. It was a true pleasure working with you and the group at EXHIBITTRADER.COM. If we are in the market for a trade show booth either buying or selling - I now know a great resource!!!!"

Marcia Mason
Carlson Wagonlit Travel

"After purchasing an trade show exhibit we found through EXHIBITTRADER.COM, we are preparing our current trade show booth to take a photo and post with you as a result of the great service you offer and ideal solution to locating a trade show booth without breaking the bank. Why not list a company asset that collects dust otherwise? Your service is a hassle-free method for quickly selling a company"s trade show booth no longer in use. What more can I say other than it is a terrific service!"

Joyce Porter
Marketing Manager
Independent Machinery

"I was able to sell our trade show booth through your website. Thank you - the EXHIBITTRADER.COM website is a great resource!"

Sarah Wright
Exhibit & Promotions Manager
T-System, Inc.

"We at JGW tried other means of selling our trade show booth. We tried ebay which costs money, whether you get results or not, and we didn’t get any. EXHIBITTRADER attracted us because of their no risk posting where they post the trade show booth for free and take a percentage of the selling price only if it gets sold. And within two weeks there was interest in our trade show booth. We sold it in a month. All we did was fill out some quick information about our trade show booth and they did the rest. EXHIBITTRADER had great customer support and was easily reachable. I would just like to thank everyone at EXHIBITTRADER.COM for their tremendous help."

Chris Ley
Marketing Coordinator
JGW Group

"We found your site quite useful in looking for a used trade show display, and you were kind enough to follow up to make sure the people responded to us. If you bump into any mote Leitner 9 stuff on your travels... we would be interested!"

Frank G. Coleman
LEMAC Corporation

"Thank you EXHIBITTRADER.COM for providing this great service! I couldn"t believe how easy it was to list a trade show exhibit for sale on the web site."

Stacy K VanDenHeuvel
Marketing Coordinator

"Last year our company started expanding the number of tradeshows we attend, and we started looking for a second trade showdisplay so we can exhibit at two shows at once. We wanted something nice looking but inexpensive, a used or refurbed trade show exhibit. It was extremely hard to find anything, and our search went on for several months. Then I happened to get an email from EXHIBITTRADER and started checking the listings every week. It wasn"t long until we found a terrific trade show display at a good price. The seller was great to work with, everything went smoothly, and the follow-up from the EXHIBITTRADER staff to make sure we are satisfied made us feel good about our purchase. Thanks for your help with everything!"

Anne Nicholson
Marketing Manager

"I just wanted to thank you again for helping us sell our trade show booth. I was initially impressed with the look and ease of use of the EXHIBITTRADER.COM web site, but I have been even more impressed with your personal service and support. You have been great to work with. I really appreciate the extra effort you took to help me place our trade show exhibit on your site. I had several inquires for the trade show booth and ending up selling it to a company in Virginia. The show manager is very excited to be getting the property and I am happy that it got a good home.

I know if we have an opportunity to sell another property - or look for another trade show booth for our show needs - EXHIBITTRADER.COM will be the first place I. Thanks again for all your help."

Janus Angus Baker
MarCom Manager
Newport Medical Instruments, Inc

"I want to thank EXHIBITTRADER.COM for their assistance in helping us sell our Tradeshow Booth. Jason Wooten was a tremendous help. I appreciate the extra effort he put in helping us post our ad online and for assisting us through the entire selling process. We had a number of inquires about our Trade Show Booth. We actually found a lovely home for it Canada. The customer just e-mailed me yesterday, to say that he received the trade show booth and is very excited about it. We had a very pleasurable experience with EXHIBITTRADER.COM. I will use and recommend their services time and time again. Their follow-up/customer service is top notch! Keep up the good work guys!"

Christopher Ellis
Office Manager
Alexander & Edwards Publishing, Inc.

"What a great idea! We listed our used 2-story trade show booth with EXHIBITTRADER.COM and in 6 weeks we sold it for close to what we paid for it-after using it for 2 years! I"m now convinced buying and selling used is the way to go. The Staff was both knowledgeable and professional, and made the whole process a breeze. I emailed some images from our last show, and a quick description, and EXHIBITTRADER did the rest. After just two phone calls, we had a buyer. My only regret is that we don"t have more trade show exhibits to sell! First place I"ll look to purchase our replacement will be EXHIBITTRADER.COM."

David Burridge
Art Director
SPW Industries/Vellano Wheels

"What used to be write-off and a trip to the dumpster has now turned in to viable opportunity to reclaim some of the initial investment to build a trade show booth. I am sure that would have been the fate of Racor"s two year old trade show booth had it not been for EXHIBITTRADER"s services. The leads we received were high quality serious buyers and we sold our trade show booth for slightly less than the asking price. EXHIBITTRADER.COM is a great service that Racor would use again."

Kevin Shaha
Racor, Inc.

"I"m grateful with the amount of help and dedication that EXHIBITTRADER has provided to our company. We were able to sell our 10x10 trade show booth within 6 months of posting. The transaction was easy, fast and very efficient!"

Winny Rotsidis
DSP Group Inc.

"Our business is rapidly expanding, so we needed a larger trade show exhibit to reflect our growth and handle more customers. We considered buying new, but decided to try EXHIBITTRADER.COM first. Trade show booths depreciate rapidly and it"s great to able to see all the trade show exhibits on the site, at a fraction of their original cost. We found a modular trade show booth that, with some new graphics and a couple of minor changes readily available from the original manufacturer, will take us to the next level. I recommend trying EXHIBITTRADER.COM before spending a lot more on a new trade show booth."

Randy Young
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Magenta Research

"We needed help! Our company inherited a very nice trade show booth when we bought another company, but had no personal use for it since the nature of our business does not lend itself to trade show exhibitions. I was given charge of selling the booth with no idea where to begin. I wore myself out searching the net and making calls and felt like I was getting nowhere. That is where Ray and his team at EXHIBITTRADER.COM came in. They walked us through the process of selling the trade show booth from start to finish and made it easy. Ray personally visited with me about what we could do together and within two months we had a buyer and the trade show booth was in someone"s hands that could really use it instead of collecting dust. It was a winner for everyone and EXHIBITTRADER.COM made it happen!"

Billy Braxdale
Zone Trading Partners, LLC
Austin, Texas

"Working with ExhibitTrader was great! They went out of their way to make sure our trade show booth had constant exposure and kept in contact with me to let me know what they were doing on our behalf. Wonderful customer service. I would work with them again without hesitation."

Joanne Luttrell, CTSM
Marketing Coordinator
Active Light

"It was so easy. After only a couple of days our tradeshow booth was sold. I would use again."

Kari Lowth
Marketing Administrator
Koven Technology, Inc

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM worked with me to successfully sell my trade show booth. They communicated with me by e-mail, were very responsive and called me twice to discuss the sales strategy and leads. Simply put, the process worked for me. I am very pleased."

Ray Huffstutter
Capital Auto Rental Services

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM was wonderful to work with to sell our 20x20 trade show booth. It was easy to fill in the information, load photos, and manage our account. We were able to sell our trade show booth within 6 weeks of having it up on the website! We are thrilled, your service is great. Thanks again!"

Marisa Adams
Marketing Director
Pure Safety

"Our company was in the market for a used trade show booth and we found a great help in making a choice for three used trade show booths that we purchased in 2004."

Ray Smith
Hog Rustler Brands Inc.

"I want to thank EXHIBITTRADER.COM on a great job in advertising and helping me sell my tradeshow booth. Their services brought a buyer to me in with in a month of posting. I am glad I found EXHIBITTRADER.COM and I would highly recommend them to any exhibitor looking to sell their trade show exhibit."

Jan Murtagh
Marketing Director

"This entire experience was greater than expected. Your website brought many inquiries from all around the Unites States, and from all facets of trade. We had at least 6 legitimate bids for our trade show display and waited for the best offer which was more than our asking price on your site, less shipping from our storage facility. Thanks for providing professional support for this service."

Fred Hollinger
Vice President
Creative Gear for the home

"I am so pleased to advise that the trade show booth - ad #334 has sold - in just 30 days! Thank you for your help with the listing process – the ad design, presentation and exposure are so very professional and provide a great venue for anyone seeking or selling trade show displays. You rock! Thanks again, we a very pleased and have been referring clients and contacts like mad to your site for purchase, rental and sales!"

Mary J. Kilburn
DinoMar, Inc.
New Strategies for Sales & Marketing

"I just want to commend EXHIBITTRADER.COM on a great job in advertising and helping me sell my tradeshow booth in one week"s time! Their services brought a buyer to me in 3 days and a check in my hand in seven days. I couldn"t have done it without them and only wish I found their services sooner."

Michael C. Cielinski
Peco, Inc.

"We were lucky to have found EXHIBITTRADER.COM! I have been trying to get rid of a few of our trade show booths that we no longer needed, and was having little success with other companies. A coworker forwarded me EXHIBITTRADER.COM"s e-mail so figured I would give it a try. Within 5 minutes I had a listing and picture of the booth I wanted to sell! A few days later the e-mails rolled in from people wanting to get more information on our booth. I must have had at least 12 people contact me! We sold the booth shortly after posting it, and e-mails are still rolling in! The process was simple and worked fantastic. I had such a great experience, that I"m posting another 2 booths on ET.C! The buyer just got our trade show booth delivered to her company yesterday! It was a great success!"

Michelle MacDonald
Marketing Director
CNC Software, Inc.

"Just to let you know, our trade show booth sold almost immediately. I had three inquiries within two weeks of posting our booth, and sold it to the first company that approached me, and for the asking price! We just finalized the details today, and I"m shipping it out early next week. I am very pleased with the outcome and will work with you again in the future if and when we have a trade show booth for sale."

Nancy Hupfer
Corporate & Marketing Communications Manager

"We had GREAT results with EXHIBITTRADER.COM. I listed a trade show booth for sale on the website and had multiple inquiries the day it went up. We consequently sold it to the first person who made contact. The folks at EXHIBITTRADER.COM were great to work with and were always ready to help with any questions. I would highly recommend EXHIBITTRADER.COM as a great way to get exposure if you are planning to sell your trade show exhibit properties."

Connie Brinks
Manager, Corporate Event
JDA Software, Inc.

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM provided outstanding customer service. I can"t believe the number of people that viewed my trade show booth for sale. I"ve tried other online posting boards in the past that turned out to be unsuccessful. EXHIBITTRADER.COM delivered numerous potential buyers for my booth which allowed for a fast and successful sale in less than 6 weeks. I couldn"t be happier with your service. Thanks! We will definitely refer you to everyone we know in the business."

Naomi N. Craft
Marketing Product Manager
Liftoff Iinc

"EXHIBITTRADER.COM provided me with great customer service. They delivered numerous potential buyers for my trade show booth which allowed for a fast and successful sale. I couldn"t be happier with your services. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to sell their pre-owned trade show exhibit. Thank you for all of your help!"

Valarie Davenport
Marketing Coordinator
A&N Corp

"We have received a very nice offer for our nimlock booth - woo hoo!! Do you have any examples of simple agreements used when selling a booth?"

Kathy Jaques
VP Marketing
FYI Corporation

"I have sold two trade show booths through EXHIBITTRADER.COM in less than eight weeks and have just listed my third trade show booth for sale. I attribute my exceptional success, in part, to the proactive marketing exposure provided by the folks at EXHIBITTRADER.COM."

Connie Brinks
Manager, Corporate Event
JDA Software, Inc.

"We sold our trade show exhibit in less than a month on EXHIBITTRADER.COM. Thank you for the invaluable service and easy posting."

Richard Barzaghi
Customer Service/Sponsorships
Advanced Clutch Technology, Inc.

"I wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. It is a wonderful idea and a great resource for exhibitors. I was contacted by all rental providers I requested information from, thank you. I will keep your site in my favorites for future rental needs."

Leanne Hutchings
Marketing Manager
Laser Imaging International

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