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The White (Album) Papers:

This page is provided as a general reference point for exhibitors to gain specific knowledge on various subjects of interest to the exhibiting community. The topics will cover a wide variety of issues and concerns and grow as the site grows. If there are specific topics not covered you feel should be made available, please feel free to bring these to our attention at:

Trade Show Checklist

Download a checklist (Word document) to help prepare for your next trade show.


Business Tips & Articles

Great Tips for Sales Professionals

Need vs. Want - Customer Decision Process

By: Boundless. "Customer Wants and Needs", Boundless Marketing,

There is a five step process that consumers can go through in making a purchase decision.
These steps include:
1. Need recognition
2. Information search
3. Evaluation of Alternatives
4. Purchase
5. Post-purchase

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14 Things Sales People should never Stop Doing

By: Business Finance World, Devin Mason,

Selling for a living is challenging. There are many highs and frequent lows. Constant pressure to reach sales targets, customer and prospects that are more demanding, and changes in the marketplace all make sales a tough career. If you are serious about maintaining a long-term career and increasing your sales, here are 14 things you should never stop doing. If by chance, you haven’t started doing some of these, I suggest that you do start…the sooner, the better.

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Portable Exhibits

Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays

10 Reasons to use Tension Fabric System for Exhibition Displays

By: RTD Systems, Blog Post,

1. EASY TO INSTALL, REMOVE, REPLACE AND STORE GRAPHICS The biggest benefit of Tension Fabric System; graphics are simple and easy to use, and can be installed and removed without any specialist knowledge or tools. Welt-edge graphics are simply pressed into the slot of the modular frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless, perfectly flat finish. Graphics are then easily removed by teasing the fabric from the frame using the exposed tab on the edge of the graphic. Storage is straight forward, simply fold up and put away! Making transport and damage to solid panel graphics a thing of the past.

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What is SEG graphics? How do SEG graphics Work? What are the Benefits?

What are SEG Graphics and How they Work

By: Mikayla Miller, Blog Post,

SEG or Silicone Edge Graphics are high resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphics with a think silicone strip sewn into the edge of the fabric. SEG's make your trade show experience run smoothly by just sliding the edge of the faric graphic into a recessed groove on the frame and you're done! It is extremely lightweight, making transport easy.

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Exhibit Rentals

Rent vs. Buy

Stretch Your Trade Show Dollars with Exhibit Rentals

By: Laurie Pennacchi, Chief Operating Officer, ExpoMarketing Group

If you are scrutinizing your trade show budget and evaluating return on investment, you should consider taking advantage of the cost effectiveness and flexibility of renting an exhibit.

Purchasing an exhibit is an expensive long-term commitment. If you own a booth, your company is responsible for storage and maintenance costs and exhibit house prep charges for each show you attend. Even in times when you are not attending any shows, your exhibit still costs you money. With rental properties, you do not absorb those costs. Our sample comparison chart of a four-show custom designed rental vs. a purchased exhibit property demonstrates a savings of $45,150 in the first year alone.

Rental vs. Purchase Sample Comparison Chart

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Lead Management

How to Make the Most of your Leads

Help! Lead Management

By: Linda Musgrove, President , TradeShow Teacher

How can I motivate our salespeople to follow up on the leads we collect at trade shows?

When a good lead goes bad (i.e., when your perfectly good exhibit-marketing lead is pushed aside by salespeople), it's likely due to one of four problems. First, you haven't effectively qualified your exhibit-marketing leads.

Second, you haven't provided your salespeople with the type of lead info they're looking for at that specific trade show and at that specific time.

Third, you haven't mapped out a clear follow-up plan to which both marketing and sales can commit. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

Finally, maybe your salespeople are simply unmotivated. Salespeople are often driven by incentives and recognition, and if they aren't getting enough of both, they're likely a pretty angry, ineffective mob.
So here are several ways to help you bypass these common lead follow-up problems. They'll help grease the wheels of your company's lead-management strategy and help keep your good leads from going bad. .

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Linda Musgrove, president, TradeShow Teacher, Aventura, FL
Exhibition Insurance

Are You Covered?

How to make sure your exhibit is insured -
before it gets lost or damaged.

By: Candy Adams, CTSM, CME, CMM, CMP, "The Booth Mom"  

Many years ago, an advertisement in EXHIBITOR magazine featured a tractor-trailer rig with the tag line: "Contents: One Trade Show Manager's Career."

What would happen to your career if the truck carrying your exhibit got in an accident on the way to the show, a forklift speared your equipment, or a loading-dock fire cremated your crates?

It's your job to find out how your exhibit is covered, when it is covered, how much coverage you have automatically through your company or transportation carrier, and how much you can add - before catastrophe strikes.

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Apply For Exhibition Insurance


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