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How to Check Ad Performance & Make Alterations

You can access your listing(s) anytime to both check any ads performance or make changes to the ad. You'll need your username and password to login.

When your first ad went live you were sent two emails from us:

1) A receipt, or copy of the consignment agreement depending on how you chose to post and...

2) A welcome email that had your username and password.

You can request your Username and Password by writing to us at

Step 1 - Logging In

When you have your Username and Password you can login.

Find and click on the LOGIN tab top right of site (Image 2):

Image 2:

Enter your Username and Password and click the Login button (Image 3):

Image 3:

Step 2 - Finding Your Ad

Near the top of the next page, click the Manage Your Ads link (Image 4):

Image 4:

The next page has the detail you need. See notes in image below (Image 5):

Image 5:

Step 3 - Editing Your Ad

To edit your ad, click the orange Edit Your Ad button (Image 6):

Image 6:

The next page is where you can change your price, primary photos (max you can upload or access is 10), and written description (Image 7):

Image 7:


Price: When changing price use only whole numbers; no dollar signs, commas, decimal points, or cents.

Description: Space available is 2000 character.

Uploaded Images: 10 images is the max a user can upload. If you have more imagery or information please send it to us and we will get it included in the listing for you. Please send additional images to

Image Format: Images can be jpg, png, or gif, preferably 800 pixels or more in longest axis (makes for good enlargements on site).

Saving Changes: When finsihed editing, please be sure to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom. Please note this does not finalize your changes, see next steps to complete saving changes.

The next page is for review of the changes (Image 8):

Ad ID This is your ad #

Usually to include year built, builder / type, and condition (NOTE: This example image is from a display that now is listed in our SOLD category)

Category Size or Type
Starting Date Day ad went live
Ad Terminate Consignment listings are given a 1 year term at the end of which they close. This helps maintain a "live" inventory. The ad is not deleted. It can be easily turned back on by updating the agreement on file. Just contact
Price Current price.
Description 2000 character space available.
Default Thumbnail The current default image seen in the category view.

Image 8:

Be sure to click the Check Out button at the bottom of the preview window to move to next step.

On the next page will be a summary of cost associated with making alterations to the listing. If you have listed on consignment or paid for a listing but have not added more images the Sub Total, Sales Tax, and Total Price fields should read $0.00. These have nothing to do with your display's listing price (Image 9):

Image 9:

Be sure to click the Continue button at the bottom of the preview window to move to next step.

Only after you've clicked the Continue button at Image 9, above, will you have completed the change process. Upon clicking the continue button, you will be directed back to the ad preview page (Image 5) where you can manage / update other ads if needed or you can logout.

Step 4 - Logging Out

Once you are finished making changes to your ad, you can sign out by clicking on the LOGOUT tab located on the top right of the site (Image 10):

Image 10:

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Click to View More

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