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Artwork Guidelines

Download Artwork Guidelines

File Formats

  • Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud or Lower
  • Photoshop Creative Cloud or Lower
  • .tif files that have been created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop
  • High Resolution PDF
  • If PDF has been created in Adobe Illustrator, please make sure that fonts have been created to outlines and all images are embedded to prevent any delays in pre-flight.

We DO NOT accept files from Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, QuarkXpress, or CorelDraw. InDesign files saved as .pdf are also not acceptable.  These files are not suitable for large format printing or are not compatible with the programs we use. If these files are submitted, it will require charges of $150/hr for recreation!!

General File Setup

  • Templates: In most cases, for our standard displays, we have graphic specifications or templates available that can be requested from your display consultant and sent via email to you or your artist. Graphic specifications/templates contain all necessary panel sizes, including bleed information, needed for printing.
  • Layout Scale: All layouts should be at 100% scale if possible.         50% scale is acceptable, but please be sure to notify your Display Consultant at and note this scale in the Illustrator File.  If scale is at 50% the dpi needs to reflect that (set to 50 or 75 dpi)
  • Resolution & Placed Images: All artwork should have a minimum resolution of 100 dpi and a maximum resolution of 150 dpi at 100% scale. When images are placed into an Illustrator layout, images should be linked and never embedded. Linked images should also be included with artwork submission.  * A note regarding resolution – DO NOT attempt to add dpi or resolution to an image, which is too low in resolution, by adding pixels to the image size in Photoshop. This is called interpolation and will only result in degradation of clarity and blurry low quality print.
  • Layers: All files will need to be submitted as flattened files or layers will need to be locked.  
  • Illustrator Effects & Filters: Using effects and filters on vector elements in Illustrator such as drop shadows and transparency is not recommended because it increases the complexity and size of the file making the file very difficult to manipulate and save. This type of works should be done in Photoshop and then placed into Illustrator as a linked file.
  • Gradients: Gradients that are created in Photoshop with noise added (from 1 to 3), saved as a tiff, then brought back to Illustrator and combined with the rest of the artwork, will produce a smoother transition of color when printed in large format than a gradient created within a vector program. Vector gradients may look fine at a smaller scale, ie. 8.5” x 11”, but will band and segment when printed at large format sizes.
  • Fonts: All fonts must be created to outlines if an Illustrator file is submitted. Rasterize the type if submitting a Photoshop file.  If font is not created to outlines please provide all font files even if they are stock fonts.
  • Color Space: All monitors display color in RGB. Since our output is in CMYK, not spot, colors will vary.  Every monitor is not the same, what you see on your monitor may vary from the actual print. Our color outputs will be approximately 90-95% accurate. It is not viable to match our print to another vendor’s print or to print on another substrate or media (i.e., brochure, business cards, etc.). If you would like for us to match against existing materials there will be an additional charge, please contact your Display Consultant at to get an estimate for this service.  
  • Bleed: The best way to determine if bleed is required for any specific graphic is to request the appropriate graphic template from your Display Consultant; this template will include bleed specs. All custom sized graphics need to have two inches (2”) of bleed added for trimming.
  • Color MatchiNg: Custom color matching is an optional service we can provide. The service is particularly helpful if your design includes Pantone colors which must be as accurate as possible within the CMYK color space. Please keep in mind that some Pantone colors are simply impossible to achieve in CMYK, but we will try to match it as closely as possible. If you have a Solid color to Process color Pantone swatch book, this may be helpful in determining how close we may be able to match specific PMS colors. There is a $50 fee for pantone matches.  Please note, we cannot print true metallic colors.

Graphic Design Services:

Let our award-winning graphic design team help capture your prospective customer’s attention by putting their years of creative experience to work for you.  Depending on the complexity of the design and size of the display, graphic design costs will vary.  Contact your Display Consultant at to get an estimated cost for your specific project.

Digital Proofs:

Our pre-flight team will prepare digital proofs that will be emailed to you from your display consultant. Nothing will be printed until we have your approval to print, so please monitor your email and look for these proofs. If you have not received your proofs within 48 hours after the artwork has been submitted, please contact your display consultant or check your spam filter since our proofs are sent as PDF files. Digital proofs are to be used for layout purposes only. They cannot be used for the clarity of color or images since they are very low in resolution and will be viewed in RGB. All digital proofs are free of charge.

Hard Copy Print Proofs:

If you have special concerns regarding the color or image clarity, you may want to purchase a hard copy print proof.   This type of proofing consists of a 25% scale version of your artwork printed on the same printer and material as the full size version. This will insure that the colors you have selected will print to your expectations. You will also receive a section printed at 100% scale which will give you a good indication of image clarity. The charge for this service is $100 per proof and in most cases this charge does include overnight shipping in the continental United States.

Artwork Submission

We offer two different options for submitting your art work depending on the file size and time constraints of the project.  Please note All artwork should be less than 1GB when submitted via FTP or CD/DVD.

  • Web Page File Upload:  You may upload your file(s) online using our artwork upload page.  To upload your art work files simply click here: and follow the on screen instructions.  This is our preferred method for receiving artwork and the fastest way to send us large files up to 1GB
  • CD or DVD:  When formatting, please be sure to use universal formats. Please send your disk(s) directly to your Display Consultant and clearly indicate the following on all discs:
  • Your project or company name 
  • Your name 
  • Your phone number  
  • Your Email Address  

Please send DVD/CD to:


ATTN: (Display Consultants Name)

3324 Ovilla Road

Ovilla, TX 75154

Note: If you are sending text-only for us to typeset, do not attach an existing text file from a word processor; instead, copy the portion of the text file you want to send directly into your e-mail message. It may be necessary to send the TruType font files.



  Sunday 26 January 2020
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