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Trade Show Display Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of your trade show display exhibit.  Adding lighting to your booth will draw attention to your display and highlight your graphics and products.  We offer a huge selection of exhibit lighting for all types of displays.  Please do not hesitate to call and ask us what lighting solutions will work best for your needs.

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  Display Lighting

Lumina 6
Price: $52

Lumina 5
Price: $52

Lumina 1
Price: $50

Lumina 3
Price: $54

Lumina 2
Price: $47

Lumina 200
Price: $59

Lumina 8
Price: $59

Optima Sync Light
Starting At: $70

Optima Vburst Light
Starting At: $70

Abex Banner Stand Light
Price: $75

Optima Universal BCL
Starting At: $85

Optima Burst 200w Light
Starting At: $113

Optima 50 Watt Halogen 2
Starting At: $98

Optima LED Light
Starting At: $147

Lumina 200 LED
Price: $107

Abex LED Light
Price: $175

Abex PL Economy Halogen
Price: $175

Abex PL Premium Halogen
Price: $175

Abex Las Vegas Light
Price: $175

Optima 50 Watt Halogen
Starting At: $181

Universal Fit Kit
Price: $9

SPT Lumina Case
Price: $47
  Sunday 19 January 2020
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