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Pre-Owned Displays - Buy or Sell


We host the largest and most current inventories of pre-owned properties and accessories available to customers anywhere. 
View our Used Trade Show Display Inventory.

Our unique, dedicated website for pre-owned trade show displays makes it easy for visitors to view properties; make direct inquiries to owners regarding properties of interest; and negotiate directly with sellers for purchases.

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

  • 60-80% cost savings over a new purchase

  • Overlapping or Multiple shows

  • One time participation

  • Introduction of new or untested product

  • Faster purchase and re-branding cycles

  • Foreign visitors desiring to resell or leave after use

  • Makes good economic sense

  • Tight budget constraints

  • Green agendas


When the time is right to sell an existing trade show display; we make the process simple and easy. We sell 99% of all trade show display properties via our consignment method; so there is virtually no risk for advertising your display in our marketplace. Our easy to use consignment agreements and listing process, are uniquely set up to best showcase your property’s features; introduce them quickly to market; and attract buyers specifically interested in the purchase of pre-owned exhibit properties. 
Click here to sell your trade show display.

You can choose to either list property directly online by logging in and listing the property yourself; or feel free to call our pre-owned sales department, and they will do the actual posting for you. Our goal is to make the listing and sale of your exhibit simple and efficient.

We also offer our sellers free use of our patented “Estimator” to help calculate the current value of their existing properties. For a detailed custom estimate, feel free to email your display info to us at; we will help determine a fair market value for your property based on the actual display, current trends and past sales of similar types.

It makes no sense to pay the high cost of disposal; when you can sell a property and actually put money back into your marketing budget for future needs.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your exhibit properties have no resale value; or that you can not sell a used trade show display. If someone tries, they are most likely looking out for their best interests, not yours. See what other exhibit owners are saying about of our service: Testimonials


  • Pre-owned exhibits sold from 2005 to 2010: over 2,000 displays

  • Average time to sell a pre-owned property: 3.18 months

  • Average amount regained from original purchase price: .21 cents/dollar

  • Average size of exhibit sold on the site: 242 sq. ft


  • Over 1000 -53’ ft. tractor trailer loads of displays and exhibits re-used

  • Over 3,400,000 cubic feet of used displays and toxins kept out of the dump

  • Over $60,000,000.00 of new exhibits never built based on $150.00 per sq ft

  • EPA Best Practice: REUSE - REDUCE - RECYCLE 


Visit to buy or sell a used trade show exhibit today!

  Sunday 26 January 2020
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