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Trade Show Booth Design

Selecting the right modular trade show display system to match your company’s trade show requirements and dedicated floor space is only part of the process. Once you have identified the primary hardware type that you like and that fits your budget; the next step is to focus on overall visual image and workability of your new display. The end design result must impact your audience; clearly define your message; and work well for those that staff the exhibit.

  • How well does the exhibit reflect our company’s overall image?

  • What impact does the booth convey to your targeted audience?

  • Is the graphic message clear, concise and to the point?

  • Is the property flexible enough for different size events?

  • What distinct features, colors & graphics separate us from all the rest?

  • Can the sales staff work the booth and your prospects properly?

  • Is the booth easy to assemble and ship?

  • What effects will this new display have on drayage? 

All the above considerations and many more, are what go into each and every exhibit design. Every client is unique; each has individual requirements and objectives; and the exhibit design should be a direct reflection of your vision.

Our Display Consultants will work closely with you through the entire exhibit design stage - to address each and every requirement and concern that you might have. Whether you need assistance with graphic layouts, based on your existing artwork; or require
full blown graphic design services, we can help. If A/V or computers are needed to tell your story, we will gladly procure those components for you. However short or long your list of needs may be; our Display Consultants will help you every step of the way. From initial design to final delivery, is here to assist in creating an image and delivering the message for your company.

  Sunday 26 January 2020
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