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Eco Friendly - Green Exhibits

Looking to Exhibit Responsibility® by greening up your trade show marketing program?  As a Certified Green Business, has you covered through our wide range of Eco- Friendly Display offerings.  Many of our new trade show display systems are constructed, using recyclable materials such as aluminum extrusions, plastics and fabrics.  Displays can also be built using bamabo, soys and other biodegradable materials.  We also offer a huge selection of quality

pre-owned exhibits on our sister site,, the industry leader in buying and selling used trade show displays. 

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” 

In order to deepen our green offerings, has developed a partnership with Eco-Systems, Inc.,
the industry leader in sustainable exhibit technology. Chad Rogowicz, COO of explains, “As a
distributor of Eco-Systems’ line of sustainable exhibit products, combined with our pre-owned offerings; we can
now provide our customers with a trade show display environment that is 100% eco-friendly.  The flooring, the
exhibit, the graphics, the display lighting, and even the shipping cases can now be eco-friendly should our
customer be looking to go green.”   If your interest is green, our
Display Consultants will be happy to show you
a wide variety of Eco-Friendly display options

Aluminum Extrusions:  Our aluminum extrusions are lightweight, reconfigurable, and made from up to 70% recycled aluminum! These recycled aluminum extrusions provide structural integrity with significant design appeal. MADE IN THE USA

Bamboo Plywood:  Bamboo plywood is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, using adhesives that are both strong and emission free. Bamboo is a member of the grass family and is harvested every 7 years.

Sorghum Board:  Manufactured from reclaimed agricultural fibers from the sorghum plant grown around the world for food. The stalks are usually burned or thrown into landfills after harvest. By using sorghum board, this material is removed from the waste stream, reducing landfill need and air pollution while giving rural farmers a new source of revenue from previously unused waste material.

Stains and Finishes:  Our stains and finishes are water-based, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), and VOC Free. All stain, paint, and finishing products are low or no emitting treatments for minimal environmental impact.

Paradise Fabric Graphics:  Made from 100% Recycled Soda Bottles, Paradise fabric is the highest quality 100% recycled content fabric made in America today. Up to 40% more durable than similar "green" fabric print media. MADE IN THE USA

Exhibit Graphics:  Eco-Systems offers a variety of graphic options that are recycled, recyclable, or made from recycled soda bottles.  

Shipping Cases:  Our shipping cases are 100% recycled and recyclable Plastic. Rotationally molded from recycled plastics, the shipping cases are as durable as traditional cases currently used in the industry.

Bio Carpet:  These carpet tiles are made from polymer fibers from polylactic acid and are completely biodegradable at the end of their service lives.

Eco-Fi:  Eco-Fi is a high-quality, Velcro compatible polyester fiber made from 100% recycles soda bottles.


 LED Lighting:  LED lights are 10 times more efficient than regular halogen lighting and last times 10 times longer. 

GreenCore:  GreenCore is bio-degradable and made from FSC certified wood.  It offers a 2-sided printable surface which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to Sintra (made from PVC).  GreenCore come is 2 different thicknesses, 1/8" and 1/4". 

Eco-Glass:  A "green" alternative to standard acrylic or plexi-glass and is made from 100% post-industrial recycled content. Eco-Glass can be used for shelving, substrate infill's, panel infill's, direct-to-substrate printing, and much more. Unlike standard acrylic which is made from petroleum based virgin plastics, Eco-Glass is made from 100% recycled material and is just as durable as its competitors. Eco Glass comes .118, and .236


ReCo:  Flexible substrate material made from 100% recycled plastics. Reco comes .060, .118, and .236 



  Sunday 19 January 2020
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