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When one thinks of healthcare, the first image to come to mind is often the patient-doctor relationship.  Though the end goal of such may be patient care delivery, the road map en route to that destination, encompasses an enormous aggregate of contributors. The healthcare and trade show/exhibit industries have elements in common: both are fast-paced and demanding; most work behind the scenes in ancillary support roles and the comprehensive whole of each is a sum of specialties within.  

Businesses and employees within the healthcare industry live in a constant state of flux.  Research, funding, regulations and technology are ever evolving; keeping pace requires concerted efforts and partnerships.  In the arena of trade-show display design and manufacturing, there are few more experienced than From meetings to recruiting; from educational symposiums to large medical conventions, is familiar with the idiosyncrasies of each.

Our President/CEO spent 35 years in the custom trade show and exhibiting world, servicing the hugely diversified and expansive needs of healthcare clients. Bringing this knowledge and expertise to an online venue, required selecting an industry niche. specializes in new modular display products, pre-owned custom display systems and rental exhibits.

Desiring to be our clients’ one-stop-shop, we offer a very large inventory of products and services - within a broad price range - to fill the enormous and diversified need in your industry.  Many of our products are portable, modular, lightweight, easily managed and stored.  Quick, interchangeable features (like our banner stands with changeable graphic cartridges) prove very beneficial to an industry where change is the norm.  Flexibility is a core characteristic of our modular display systems; allowing easy modifications for differing layouts, booth size and diversified venues.

Our expert team is flexible, welcoming challenges to help you navigate seemingly impossible obstacles to make your events a success. understands the necessity of accomplishing goals on time and within budget. Multi-order and preferred client discounts are available to our healthcare customers. Our expert team will assess your situation; diagnose your objectives; plan a solution; help with implementation; and follow up for an evaluation of effectiveness. From simple table skirts to elaborate modular trade show exhibits, has you covered... think of it as health insurance.


  Sunday 19 January 2020
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